Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure Review

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure Review

In which I give an extensive review on a movie that is most triumphant.



Se7enBeatleofDoom says:

@blowshimselfupdude You need to they team up with Death!

the1truekace says:


blowshimselfupdude says:

I've actually never seen Bogus Journey.

DeadpoolAndFriends says:

Best Browncoat Eric Review EVER!
Though i'm more a Bogus Journey Type of guy myself. And the Cartooned PWNed!

reavenas says:

This movie is amazingly funny.

Wade Roberts says:

or Men in Black 2.

manonfire7734 says:

Why The Hell Should I have To Review This Movie You Should know That its one of the greatest action comedys in the world go watch this movie-brown coat eric ghostbusters review

Steve Baxi says:

havent seen a better review since ghostbusters

SFisher1993 says:

Damn right lol!

Or as they say, "Excellent!"

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