Bikini Swamp Girl Massacre (2014) – Movie Review

Bikini Swamp Girl Massacre (2014) – Movie Review

Bloodbath and Beyond reviews the indie horror film Bikini Swamp Girl Massacre directed by Aiden Dillard and starring Ted Vernon, Katie Rotolo, and Nicole Soden.
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A group of beautiful bikini-clad girls go on a vacation in the swamp of the Florida Everglades, never to return.

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Ritchy050 says:

this is a piece of shit wtf this is not a movie its a joke. don't give up your day jobs flipping burgers cast. I thought tall blonde was a drag queen.


Ex Leper says:

Troma rocks! Can you review the Toxic Avenger movies?

MartaPD2 says:

check out zombeavers xD you will enjoy it

Dylan Hovind says:

It seems like every movie I watch I come to find you guys did a review on! It's awesome haha. I just watched this last night with a friend while drinking and it was indeed hilarious. I love these types of films that are so bad they are good, I couldn't stop laughing at the "Koowachobi likes good head" death scene! haha

movie mayhem says:

Just downloaded this on Vimeo, and pretty much in agreement with your review…and yes, the editing drove me absolutely nuts.  (Oddly, the scenes of mayhem were edited more intelligently than the scenes of exposition). Too bad, because the girls were hot, (I love babes in denim booty shorts myself) and the tongue n' cheek tone of the thing was just about pitch perfect. 

Great review channel by the way, although I'm much more an action movie fan than horror.  Still, I appreciate the thoughtful reviews of movies I would otherwise miss. 

The Zircus says:

Have you review Klown Kamp Massacre?
One of my favorites ^^

bernieBrains says:

I couldn't do it guys… I got 15 minutes into this movie and had to shut it off. The way they edited this movie made it impossible for me to watch. If the editing wasn't so spastic I'm sure I would have had fun with this one, but I just can't get past it.

bernieBrains says:

I will definitely be enjoying this and Jersey Shore Massacre with some friends and booze over the weekend. Thanks for the package! 

Yellow House Productions says:

What's up with the middle guy always changing?

David Lucas says:

Here is a b movie for you guys. It's called tales of the dead: grim stories of curses, horror, and gore.
Now strap on your Derp glasses cause it's one horrible B-movie. Check it out and laugh at how awful it is.

JWUniverse says:

Awesome review Guys. This movie looks like shit but I'm going to see it for all the silly things and bad acting oh and of course all those Hooters can't deny the Boobs! =P

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