Bhavesh Joshi Superhero | Not A Movie Review | Sucharita Tyagi | Film Companion

Bhavesh Joshi Superhero | Not A Movie Review | Sucharita Tyagi | Film Companion

Watch Sucharita Tyagi’s Not A Movie Review of Bhavesh Joshi Superhero starring Harshvardhan Kapoor, Priyanshu Painyuli, and Ashish Verma . The movie is directed by Vikramaditya Motwane and shot by Siddharth Diwan.

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ashwin ash says:

i wonder which movie she saw. after interval maybe she sat in another screen. Parmanu is receiving more than 3 stars everywhere. not sure whether to laugh or cry.

Tanjim Hasan says:

Ohhh yaaahh aap ki line bohot acchi lagrahi hai 🤓

Dick Long says:

This movie was great, please watch it.

apoorv ghildiyal says:

Amazing movie..

DwaynetheWayne says:

i really could not understand the review partly because i could not concentrate as my eyes were drifting way to the exotic cleavy mountains of suchi range …. but the movie was awful

Himanshu Ojha says:

Bhavesh Joshi!!, It's a movie of a common man without any superpower, First 15 minutes are not gripping and after that you will know why..Action sequences in this superhero movie are more natural/ real than non-superhero movies in India, due to which it is pretty non-exciting but from start till the end it is engaging. Successfully and sincerely clears its purpose.Nice.4/5 because it is one of its own kind.

shyam kumar says:

Tum veered di wedding dekho!!

akash pandya says:

ahh… the background music sucks

prka100 says:

dont trust her reviews at all after bahubali


sucharita must remove the lace around her if u agree.

Rubiks Cube says:

DOP Siddharth Diwan ❤️❤️❤️


Raita begins to failo a little bit 😂😂😂

Neelabh Tewari says:

Don't believe her and don't believe me. Go and watch the movie, then you'll know how YOU feel. It might blow you away.
P. S. This woman is behind the murder of bhavesh joshi

S Ibrahim says:

Is it a rip off of KICKASS?????

Vaibhav Shourey says:

Not lying.. I fapped to this.

nishdomain says:

Sucharita, sucharita, sucharita… i am guessing the research team came up short this time. If you had seen the trailer launch then it would have been clear why the film was delayed as per Motwane and Kapoor.

Tridib Pal says:

Baapre itna analysis. It almost felt like you loved the theme but want to make the movie in a different direction. Picture to Banti hai else we will be bombarded with Judwaa2 type movies


Ye channel hi chuthya hai..

sanchay bose says:

Now you are taking about the form after the video essay by cinema beyond entertainment

Swayam Shubham says:

Kuch nhi aata isko

Khilesh Sahu says:

Hindi me to Bol liya Karo angrej ke aulad

sukhmani chahal says:


Yash Shah says:

The review is quite long, 6 min. You gave quite a detailed review of the movie.

Arun Keshavadas says:

Why is this called "not a film review"?

The Tech Nerd says:

Is there actually a post credits scene

Tasleem Shaikh says:

Raaita becomes to phalow….😂😁

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