Befikre | Not a Movie Review | Sucharita Tyagi

Befikre | Not a Movie Review | Sucharita Tyagi

Watch Sucharita Tyagi’s take on Aditya Chopra’s latest romantic comedy Befikre. The film stars Ranveer Singh and Vaani Kapoor.

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Sahana Prasanna says:

Even though I have not watched the movie I know whatever u have said is true to the core! I feel Ranveer Singh is such a attention seeker !

Govind Goswami says:

Next Krk

Jaydeep Ambetkar says:

Well done — realistic review — but it was a fun ride watching it

Treesa Mathew says:

dude i love you and your reviews! 😀 :D

michael solomon says:

worst review

udaui says:

good one,not biassed.Enjoyed watching your review..

Geet Anjali says:

thanks for the honest review , I loved it ! ??

harjeet Nahal says:

I agree with u Sachu. Love ur shirt?

Iamkay baral says:

Best review ever!!!!

Wolf Series Pictures says:

??? arrre Madam first make sure you known actors name ….. she called Ranveer Singh as Kapoor ???? hats off

Dheeraj Mansinghani says:

Sucharita! You are the Best! Although I must admit I liked the movie… and it had some beautiful moments …The end felt like an Aneez Basmi movie.., that ruined it… Just love the way you review… a Big fan … ??????

pozypozydon says:

one thing is for sure that Yash Raaj is failing to produce good movies with good story line. i thing the new independent producers & directors are way better than these big banners of bollywood

dj shelin says:

suchitra you should see Shuddh Desi , it is breath of fresh air .

dj shelin says:

ye movie hazam hi nahi ho pai and i dont mind people getting befikre , but thoda sensible to banana tha movie .

Ambika Patel says:

you look like femele srk ha ha ha lol…..

ankit khurana says:

keep up the great work ?

Mayank Ramnani says:

Really nice and genuine review, the way u started "…and I am not going to be reviewing neil and nicky, opps befikre!" i burst into laughter and understood, what was ahead, after all neil and nicky mention summed it up ! hehe…and anupama gave it 3.5 stars god knows why??

Nadia Sultana says:

yesterday i watched Ms. Anupoma's review: 3.5*! and I was like what the…?
thanks Sucharita! for telling the true story.. ?

nucleardaisies says:

Not exactly the same dead pool hoodie (but i think they offer the one you want too) but this one looks so much cooler! Based in Hawaii, with free worldwide delivery.

animecool999 says:

Is… is he trying be a westerner?

Atiq ur Rehman says:

Very good review.. Unbiased and accurate.. Anupama ma'am really disappoints these days. I wonder why is she so obsessed with YRFs and KJo's.

Hassan Ali says:

Hey …… ! Mera mob cover Deadpool wala hai, mein buhat ziada cool hun … ! Yeeeeeyyyyy!
LOL! What about some life, like a quarter grams may be.

Hassan Ali says:

I hope you could have behaved and acted normally while telling some time wasters watching such videos like me, of your totally personal opinion.

Catti Lo says:

I actually never seen a review of yours this critical or maybe because I actually enjoyed the movie quite a lot

smriti dawn says:

Most apt review! On point! 😀 also, its not Ranvir 'Kapoor' .. :P

Puja Mitra says:

Sucharita Tyagi …. u really didnt get the movie ….

Reema Adeel says:

Worst movie review ever… the movie was great and way ahead of it's time in terms of Romcoms

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