Batman vs. Two-Face Movie Review (2017)

Batman vs. Two-Face Movie Review (2017)

What did we think of Adam West’s final performance as the Caped Crusader?

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Leo&Amelia says:

I never watched any of Adam west's batman. he was far before my time,(Hell I only knew him thanks to catman, which I didn't know was a parody of his batman roles as a kid.) My batman was always the one in the justice league animated cartoon, and a bit of the animated series of batman.
However, even though this cheesier style just doesn't fit for me, I can respect that he was basically the one that started everything, and without him all the stuff I loved with bats may of not of even existed without him. So even though I may pass on this movie, I'm glad it was made and hope it does well.

Rick567 says:

The volume of the music was too loud. Mistake?

XotechnOzoner * says:

Looks boring ?

BR1 says:

Hugo Strange – must see

Sjono says:

Batman actually slaps Robin like he did in the comics during this movie

Sjono says:

Harley Quinn makes a cameo in this movie based on the 60s show

Kou D3x says:

I heard nothing about this one. lol

TheOneTheOnly W says:

Damnit Robin… You forgot your pants again!!

Xavier Horn says:

did anyone else get cup-noodle adds for this video?

Nyten says:

Seemed more like an explanation rather then a review

Nolay Austin says:

But does he do the Bat-tootsie?

SilverShion says:

We miss you, Adam We <3

Selva Pathy says:

Great tribute for the Adam west

Dann.E Avila says:

This two face looks half ghost buster ghost

Jim Koum says:

Another lost opportunity for dc

Dean Wynn says:

It's certainly regrettable that Adam West passed away, especially since this could've been the greatest Batman film trilogy since the Dark Knight.

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