BATMAN NINJA ANIME MOVIE REVIEW – The Double Toasted podcast have given reviews and reactions to the Batman Ninja Anime trailer, as well as other channels, but what this channel does the most is look back at their opinions, and do a full review on something we’ve given a reaction to before, and it’s no different with Batman Ninja. We review Batman Ninja, like we’ve done other anime movies, and compare this to the rest of the Batman properties. Was this better than Batman v Superman or worse? Let’s find out in this funny video!

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Tiger Macc says:

I hated this stupid ass movie

EnigmaDrath says:

Actually waiting on the Japanese version's release. The English dub was pretty meh.

Alyse S. says:

It's still not out in Japan?? I've been waiting for this one, but if it comes down to seeing Deadpool 2 twice or watching Batman Ninja in theaters… I gotta make a smart choice.

Caleb James says:

Brother so high he can’t think of words or put a sentence together. Might want to give the bowl a break before hosting a podcast.

Joshua Gearspring says:

Feels like this was written by someone who either didn't give a shit, or someone who thought they'd just cram the most stereotypical anime tropes in order to appeal to a dumber western audience.

Vincenzo Vieri says:

I don't like this black guy. hes to fucking black!

Herald Francis says:

Does this review have spoilers?

TimeMakerMan says:

This shit was stupid as hell, waste of time

Robbie Accuser says:

This review feel so force I cringe thru the whole thing

Samuel Robinson says:

Marvel tried this EXACT same thing 7 or so years ago with anime crossovers for Iron Man, the X-Men and a solo Wolverine. All were series. All were just as equally and utterly bad as Batman Ninja. (By the way…why is this called Batman Ninja when he seems to be taking on aspect of a samurai? Anime titles have to be anime titles I suppose. Anyway…) The problem with these experiments is that they run into is the same problem that we run into when we try to adapt anime for live action films. These works are rooted in the cultures from which they derive. When the cultural aspects that make them unique are removed and these characters are envisioned through a different lens, the changes tend more often that not to undo the work itself at a fundamental level. The characters no longer FEEL like the characters we know or they're made to do something that would otherwise be outside of their original character in order to appease a different audience.

Case in point, the Iron Man anime was visually arresting, especially when it cam to the suit animation, but the accompanying story was abysmal. To add insult to injury, Tony Stark acted WAY out of character for the entirety of the show, (in your words, he was "anime-ed" a bit), he moved his entire base of operations to Tokyo for no reason except he apparently just thought it was one the "greatest places on Earth", (his exact wording escapes me), he falls pray to high school anime tropes such as being slapped by a girl and called a pervert as she ran away just because he bumped into her, and he fought random giant robot/monsters with no backstory, set up or connection to Tony outside of "an anime has to anime"………..not to mention that Tony Stark had a ridiculous spiky anime hair style that was insufferable…as did all of the X-Men in theirs.

Although, I will say this for the Marvel animes however, they were seemingly still far tamer than whatever Batman Samur…I mean, Ninja ended up being.

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