Avengers Infinity War SPOILER Movie Review

Avengers Infinity War SPOILER Movie Review

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Doudymac says:

Spiderman was the saddest…. Until James Gunn revealed what Groot sad last…😢

Aditya Sajeev says:

Guys go and check what james gunn officially said ..what Groot said to rocket before he became ash….u will forget black panther and peter's death….and u will be hurt Much Much hurt….FOR REAL GROOT'S DEATH WAS MOST PAINFULL

wtcisco says:

Hulk got bitch slap

Wolf Namina says:

Loki wasn’t the first kill it was fucking Heimdol. The black guy died first my guy

sameold23 says:

Before this movie dropped. I wanted to see Shuri talk to Tony so bad so they could have their little technology talk but sadly I didn’t get that but I loved the movie. One person behind me kept crying.

Johnny Rakhmonberdiev says:

you guys are awesome! hope you get 1million subscribers

iamundergrace says:

Been waiting on this one.

Ramon Galindo says:

Groot was the saddest death.. "I am Groot.." = "Dad…"

cheri0427 says:

I love your cat she (or he?) was trying to comfort you 🙂

Dee Wing says:

I just realized how Vision went out, that man died twice!!!!!! WTF!?!?!? SHIT!!!!

Team Zeezy says:

Fun fact about Spidermans death, he died slower then everyone else bc of two things, His Spider sense, And his healing factor. He was constantly sensing his death, And he turned to dust slow Because his healing factor was trying to heal him why he was dying. My god. 😖

TheRaiderdude30 says:

If they would have put Groots last words in a subtitles (DAD)the whole theater would have been flooded 1# hands down

Sean Eubanks says:

Just an opinion but I don’t agree with Groot’s death being the saddest one. It was definitely sad but it doesn’t compare to Spidey’s death. I’ll give it number 2. In the moment, when you watched the movie, Spidey’s death scene was definitely more heart felt and needed no further explanation. The acting and we as the audience already knowing the established father like relationship between Tony and Peter. You only know Groot says Dad apparently because the brothers claim that. You can input literally any word you want if you’re the brothers. You need further input after the film. The other didn’t.

Sammy Kupniewski says:

James Gunn confirmed Groot's last word to Rocket before he dissappeared:

CLUBBERLANG 6078 says:

Get lost squidward🤣

Reset Button says:

Hulk fighting with rage, but Thanos fought smart. He hit him in some crucial spots.

x ZaiN G x says:

Thanos is the villain in Avengers 4 too

It said way after the end credits that “Thanos will return”

CHI.T .buck638 says:

I got a question..WHY IS Camora

Jobin McGooch says:

The thumbnail for this was perfect 😆 I’ve been waiting for this

Datflyguye 212 says:

I hate this new third nigga…😒😒😒

Keith says:

the ending lmao

Rebel Alliance says:

The Deadpool. 😂😂😂😂😂

Bbardark says:

Where’s waifu at?? (Silent Ninja)

Mes Gwyn says:

"I am Steve Rogers"

Praneesh A.K says:


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