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Daniel Hughes says:

Loved it. Couldnt disagree more.

The Baobabs says:

You didn’t care about anyone that’s very interesting 😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒tell us more…🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢

Eman ____ says:

He looks a bit like Thor lol 😂

steven rodriguez says:

mr h i know you might think the movie is missing something but the reality this movie not another marvel movie you can critic and just say whatever this movie is half of the bigger story the continuation of avengers 4 remember this is base on a comics what you might think doesnt make sense is just like a comicbook when we read it. this movie is not for people who havent seen a marvel movies this movie are for fans for have invest in the marvel franchise and seen all of these movies. sorry if you dont find something appealing in avengers

Necroticus says:

Thanks so much for the non spoiler review. after star wars the last crappi i didnt know if i wanted to get my hopes up or spare myself. will check it out. as to thanos' motivation, they would have to bring death, the cosmic entity to follow the comics. in marvel stuff she isnt as concrete as Death the Endless so people may not like her or even understand what she is.

Bradders Brown says:

Are there any Movies you do like? I was blown away by Infinity War in IMAX 3D. Left the Cinema with PTSD! lol

Laufey Utgard says:

I appreciate your honest review Avengers Mr. H. I dig how you not only give us the good and bad, in your opinion, but you extrapolate why you think the way you do.

Miguel Tavarez says:

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Vernon Miller says:

Your not a real fan, go eat one!

frankcastle7777 says:

Mr H Reviews should be in movies with his superhero body, pretty boy face with that bad boy bread, and that beast voice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LF Drumming says:

Thanos: 8—————>
Hulk: 8——>

LF Drumming says:

I completely agree with the weight of the deaths. My complete emotional response died when they “killed” Black Panther as I know for a fact they don’t have the balls to kill off a character that has had a movie that made so much money for them. Plus Social Justice people will go absolute batshit at the fact they killed of a black superhero.

Kermit says:

They adapted the arc perfectly – if they had maintained the original storyline it would have been 5 movies ffs

LF Drumming says:

I’m honestly surprised that Iron Man and Captain America didn’t even interact in the film called Avengers lol.

LF Drumming says:

I’m honestly surprised that Iron Man and Captain America didn’t even interact in the film called Avengers lolZ

smistgoman ! says:

He's war machine again dude

Marty Barnard says:

I've seen it and sort of agree with most of what he is saying, Thor was amazing, but some of the special effects were bad, and I didn't care about who died to be honest

gopro donnie78 says:

Why do you look like Thanos?

Philip Lim says:

Thanks for your honest review. Keep up the good work

Seth Metcalf says:

Wow the salt in these comments are ridiculous. Anyway Alot of the things you said is what I think about most of the MCU films, but thanks for the honest review. Some people are just like "OMFG THIS IS THE BEST MOVIE EVER MADE IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD".

Scott Beadle says:

for some reason I thought u were black. before the SJW's start screwing, I really thought you had a cool james earl jones type voice lol

Ron D says:

You look like Thanos

Darcspeagal Reactions says:

I gotta disagree here. The cgi was bad on a few characters but the motivations and acting was fine if youve seen the previous movies than the relationships are already fleashed out no need to rehash. Thanos wanting to balance the universe because his home planet got destroyed through overpopulation makes total sense. It was just cgi issues honestly.

CthulhuChow says:

this kinda thing is why i trust Mr. H(onesty)

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