Ava’s Possessions (2016) Horror Movie Review

Ava’s Possessions (2016) Horror Movie Review

Ava’s Possessions enjoyed modest success in the festival scene, but now it’s head to the Grand Daddy of them all–Netflix. Should you take the time to add it to your queue?



Harrison Snellgrove says:

Just finished this film on Netflix, I'm trying to marathon as many straight to dvd/netflix horror films as I can this month. So far this is in the top 10, out of 30 or films I've seen. That's not saying it's great, but it's flaws are made up for by its style and quirky attitude. It's fun, without any artsy overtones or anything. Easy to watch, not a lot of metaphor to try to decipher- it is what it is. If your trying to kill some time give it a watch id say. This is a case where the sum is greater than its parts-barely.

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