Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery – Retrospective Review

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery – Retrospective Review

Welcome to Great Scott Reviews – and my debut video!

Scott J. Davis takes a little look back at the first Austin Powers as it turns 20 years old!!

Cast: Mike Myers, Elizabeth Hurley, Michael York, Robert Wagner, Seth Green

Director: Jay Roach

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Video clips and images courtesy & copyright New Line Cinema, Fox Pathe International and Capella International

NB: There will undoubtedly be teething problems with this as it’s the first one I’ve done and edited but let me know what you think and all comments/feedback are most welcome!



Mayumi Rhodes ヒキ タン Reclusive Doll Family says:

You got another sub, I loved the austin powers films when i was young, though at the time i first saw them in the mid to late 90's i was perhaps a little too young, now i'm a little older i can understand a lot more of the humour.

Paul Bloom says:

Keep doing more baby

Rushman741 says:

Nice work, dude

Gemma Du says:

subscribed! Great vid Scott.

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