Atomic Blonde (2017) Movie Review

Atomic Blonde (2017) Movie Review

Does the movie kick as much a** as Charlize Theron’s character?

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Anthony Soto says:

to me it looks like a salt remake

Amat Mulisha says:

Charlize theron is the best heroine actor.his face just fierce at the same time look so gorgeous

78213oswaldo says:

someone make the the black version, "Atomic Weave".

Safwat Karim says:

This movie is basically what if John Wick's a Woman?

yes_msg says:

I thought it was a biography on Blondie

twitchster77 says:

Totally heard nothing the dude said after this. >.<;

Kaiyanpepper says:

Ok, but IGN = international gaming network. But reviews movies??


John wick better!!

Chris Brasel says:

It's basically john wick just as a woman but still a much watch for those who love R rated action flicks like hardcore Henry.

Andy Köhler says:

Wilhelm scream, 1:45

John Q says:

This movie looks incredibly stupid.

Dewi_Humbaba says:

What if she is John Wick Mentor..

Patrick Cale says:

In real life when you punch a woman, they cry and look for another sucker to do the fighting for them.

jody024 says:

7.8 ? wow IGN must really like Theron….

messi1068 says:

why do i feel this movie is like Angelina's movie "SALT"

Evrett says:

I don't know about this movie. Don't get my wrong i like the movies theron plays in but this doesn't look like good choreograph in the fight scenes. It just looks like she is hardly landing a blow and the guys are just taking a hit without even giving one. I mean other female action stars make it look so good. Look at Crouching Tiger hidden dragon. Hands down one of the best fighting scenes and it looked really good.

I Am JAH says:

A Wilhelm Scream? Really?

Rhod L says:

7.8 is good? wtf ign … your system is shitty

Skyrim NPC WARS says:

nah I'll stick with John wick instead of watching this female knock off

Marulindda says:

I need to see It ❤

Vitor Lima says:

Charlize Theron makes me wet in this movie

Garrett Butler says:

Its fervent execution was staggering… did someone actually write and edit that?

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