Arrow – TV Pilot Review

Arrow – TV Pilot Review

Like Smallville before it, Arrow aims to tell the early years of a DC superhero – but is Green Arrow cool enough to sustain a show?

The new fall season has another new show debuting this week, and this one is pure comic book superhero geekness. Arrow brings the DC comics sharpshooter Green Arrow to the small screen with a remarkably faithful adaptation. But are the emerald archer’s exploits exciting enough to engage an audience, or does the cable budget make this one miss the mark? Alex, Dan, and Jeff tune in to the pilot episode to find out.



Domzdream says:

Nah. I hated it.
I did t get it at all. It was poor character development on fast forward. Hated it.
No flaws in the character. Typically rich. I won't even bother with the 1st episode.
He's this ninja master suddenly…. After spending over 3 years on an island. Plus, he's this kick ass guy. You almost wonder where he got the time to train for his agenda, next to the time he'd be spending fishing for shellfish for survival.
Hated it.

Kyle Compton says:

The guy in the blue button down shirt needs to learn how to speak properly….his stammering makes him look like a half-wit.

VGGuy95 says:

When I started the show, I was like everyone else and thought that it was okay, but not worth the investment. However, by around episode 5 or so the show gets better and better. By episode 10 you are basically binge watching it. Now I've watched up to Season 2 episode 10 and cannot wait for the next episode as this series only gets better and better.

enriqueelias12 says:

I just started this and personally I find the whole story on the island better than the present day story

Ry c says:

For all you losers saying :Oh not interested" its actually a very good tv show, watch it and dont be so close minded.

Mr Trickster says:

I only watched a couple of episodes and they kind of founf out soon…

João Santos says:

But it was already "proven" that it's not the same person, in one of the episodes of the first season. Oliver has somewhere with Quentin and The "vigilante" did something. This was to throw out the cops idea that it was Oliver.

azza10632 says:

Same. And i started watching TWD first.

Keno Dude says:

the first guy to speak needs to make his point faster fucking cmon man

scifielements says:

Arrow is based on the comic origin story of how Oliver Queen becomes Green Arrow, called Green Arrow : Year One, written by Andy Diggle, which incidentally, is why there is a character in the show named, "Diggle," with a brother (who died), named Andy. while shipwrecked on the island, Oliver Queen helps villagers escape slave labor making drugs for a cartel led by China White. the tv series uses this as a base, while creates their own universe, while adding drama. i recap every episode on my ch-

John Börnesson says:

If they ever use a mobile phone or a computer you know it's gonna be a windows phone or a computer with windows 8 xD somethings tells me that Arrow made abdeal with windows xD

ponquinful says:

These guys fucked up on so many levels. They really revealed that they have no idea about the story of Arrow OR Smallville. I can't believe they would call this a review!

ZoddGuts says:

The show started alright but man did the show get really good. Give the show a chance.

Immortal Iron Fist says:

This whole series is BAD ASS!

Sam Rider says:

Probably by the last 3 seconds of the series finale.

ds37 says:

Yup my main complain about Smallville was that is was more a soap opera rather than a super hero tv show. Too many love triangles bullshit. I hope Arrow lives up to the hype. Never was a fan of the archer, might give it a try.

kninez says:

Yes, I'm sure by now you've watched the episode when he rectified that issue…lol

Harry Styles says:

I love Arrow. I've only seen the first episode and I love it!

Soul Mahajan says:

Arrow is BADASS and stephen amell did grow on you, I don't see any other playing arrow at this point (and I didn't watch smallville), and he plays a good arrow then he plays oliver green


arrow is badass but walking dead,falling skies,game of thrones,dexter.

TotallMax13 says:

Arrow is the best show ever!! (atleast for me) I even like it more than The walking dead…

Lanie says:


You have NO idea what you're missing out on!

Boristos Jaxon says:

Sounds shit.

alessiociaoalessio says:

Idiotic tv serie. Plus when I finish to watch an episode I have the impulse to buy Windows 8 Os. How can this happen??

babycakes71591 says:

walking dead beat it but i still like the show

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