Anupama Chopra’s Movie Review of Victoria & Abdul

Anupama Chopra’s Movie Review of Victoria & Abdul

Watch Anupama Chopra’s Movie Review of Victoria & Abdul, a movie starring Judi Dench & Ali Fazal. The film is directed by Stephen Frears.

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RK1m1 says:

I was hoping for more emotional connection and moments in the film

Shaikh Mobin says:

is it movie review?

Mulugu neelotpal says:

This is a movie for traitors not for India any patriotic blood would boil on watching a slave beseechingly bow before an old hag who officiated on enslaving a wonderful country of Asia

Saurav Ganguly says:

Must watch only for Judi . This movie is best enjoyed without the baggage of hatred for Britishers. Treat it like a 1 hr 50 minutes of entertainment, don't take sides, don't bring in religion & race . Trust me You'll like it 🙂

alaneasable says:

Where is your review of Blade Runner 2049? I would have loved to hear from you.

vdeojunkie says:

sorry off-topic – Do you have an official Youtube channel for the MAMI panels and coverings?

DC 1810 says:

I dont understand this Indian hate for the British.Sure they colonised India but now almost 75 years have passed.During these years so many countries South Korea Japan Singapoore China progressed at a rapid pace.But India due to their double standards are still stuck in their past.If you hate the British so much then please dont teach your children high class English education .Stop these mixes english and stop speaking english in so many shows.Heck even this programme is in English.Be like Japan and Korea independent and teaching subject matters in your own language.We see so many Indian people comming and working in Great Britain nowdays and Great Britain have respected their skills and allowed them to have better lives here.If you hate us so much please leave .

Ajay Sharma says:

Anupama ma'am, I am really a huge fan of your interviews and your insight into the films you watch and review and particularly the choice of your questions depending on the interviewee. I have been a subscriber since a long time and I don't think you age…you look beautiful..thank you for your videos. We get to learn a lott

An Avenger says:

ghante ki friendship…saale angrezo ne 150 saal loota hume …aur ek bande se friendship dikha k …. Victoria can't be defined as good woman ….

Ramani Joshi says:

great review Anupama ma'am!

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