Anupama Chopra’s Movie Review of The Meg

Anupama Chopra’s Movie Review of The Meg

Directed by Jon Turteltaub and starring Jason Statham, this film about a 75-foot-long prehistoric shark is one of those cheerfully cheesy popcorn movies, which you aren’t meant to take seriously.

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Abhy Chatt says:

First time we are aligned on an action movie. We were kind of aligned on Baby Driver too. So we are better of discussing action flicks than love and comedies.

Jacob Cherian says:

Jurassic shark World !

Jazaray says:

I guess you didn't care about the same characters I did. 🙁 I was very sad at some of those deaths.

mohosen foysal says:

if Jason Statham was a bollywood actor she would give 0 star for every movies of him

Shirish Patil says:

This Indian critics watch western reviews before posting the same comment in their reviews , we Indians are so much about copy paste, I see lot of Jeremy jahns, grace Randolph & Chris stuckerman here

Titus Judah says:

Jesus fucking Christ. Fucking spoilers.

chirag aidasani says:

I don’t know why people are mass hating on every Anupama Chopra movie review. Her views resonate with me a lot and her whole demeanour is so pleasant and reassuring. Add to that her superb vocabulary! You are Awesome, Anupama Mam! Don’t let the haters get to you.

Vidcon Funn says:

Someone has seen jeremy jahns's review…. anupama

Amrapali Zaveri says:

hahaha wow seriously 9:30am?! Im going to see it in 4D (hoping for less jump scares) & will not hold a drink in my hand😅

John Wick says:

Please leave such reviews for Sucharita. Rap doesn't suit Asha Bhosle. Hope I put the point.

ALFAZ V says:

Jason Statham VS MEG

That's Ajay 4u says:

Awesome Popcorn Entertainer , Statham Always Rocks

rakesh debbarma says:

Nice review madam.

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