Anupama Chopra’s Movie Review of Pari | Anushka Sharma | Prosit Roy | Film Companion

Anupama Chopra’s Movie Review of Pari | Anushka Sharma | Prosit Roy | Film Companion

The best thing about Pari is leading lady Anushka Sharma. She is at once, scary, strange and strong. In some scenes she is achingly vulnerable. In others, she is horrifying. It’s great that as a producer Anushka is making such unconventional choices – NH 10, Phillauri and now Pari – but the quality is too erratic.

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Subhag Singh says:

great spoilers!!!!!!

shishir sharma says:

It's 10 times better than befikre. She gave 3.5 stars to befikre and 2 to pari. Its shocking to say the least.

Akanksha Mehra says:

I really liked the movie and didn't find it confusing. Some visuals will spook you.

Tiki80 says:

So its a movie with bunch of jumpscares.. I thought bollywood were going into a gr8 change when the movie "baby" had 0 songs in the film.. it was a gr8 decision taken by the director.. a high intense movie does not need a random song of ppl dancing in a foreign country out of nowhere. I thought movies would start to go that direction but no. Here we have an horror movie with songs that doesn't require it at all.. but acts more of an distraction.

I'll watch it when it comes on online..

12ShotsProductions says:

Honestly i have just followed your reviews so far but lately i just cannot relate to your vision as a review. I am a film maker by profession and i observe films in every possible way. You seem to be trying too hard to review a film or may be you are too biased towards your personal choice while reviewing a film. If people are watching reviews, you hold a responsibility to think from the audience as well as the film maker’s perspective.

Phuri Lama says:

Bakwaas review, it was a good one

Rutuj Tarte says:

scratching your head huh…. i think they should have put up on the poster-NOT FOR THE MENTALLY RETARDED

Rohan Anerao says:

Completely disagree with the review. Just came back after watching the movie. I was sceptical about the film at first, but this is not a usual Bollywood horror film which makes us laugh and confuse us. Film makers have introduction new scare tactics which was never seen in any Hollywood movies. Yes, there are some scenes inspired from Hollywood, but let me ask which Hollywood horror films doesn't copy some scenes from other films? Story is similar to some satanic and biblical stories but not the same. For Horror I will rate 10/10. Not a single scare tactic will fail to scare you. For story line 7/10, lower rating cos of poor ending. And 8.5/10 for special effects and sound. Anupama Chopra's review is completely baseless, any average human being will not get confused watching this movie. And the plot will hold you in your seats from 15 mins after starting to 15mins before end; mostly whole of it. Its the only Bollywood movie that will scare you and comparable to other international movies. Give it a shot.

Abhishek Mukherji says:

laughable confusing shite of a movie, pregnancy sex and spirits

Ashu Talkies says:

Times of India magazine gave it 3 and a half stars

Sahil Kapoor says:

agreed that the script had loopholes. but in no way was the film confusing. infact it is a great story. if only you were paying attention you wouldn't be confused about that lady who keeps appearing.

the tale about ifrit is infact very intriguing and the only thing i would have changed about the film would be, one , anushka ( too glamourous for a girl who has lived in jungle all her life ) and two, the flawless hindi speaking ability of the characters. i mean parambrata does have that bong accent in his hindi but anushka doesnt sound like someone who fled dhaka and lived in a jungle. or the professor who was from dhaka .

one has to give applauds for the beautiful cinematography , sply scenes shot in rain.

two stars is justified but it is a one time watch!


I found the movie quite gripping and scary.unpredictability essence of horror. It was not one of those predictable horror movies where a god man comes for rescue. Anupama Ji I am disappointed with your review , you of all should encourage such films which bring something new to the table

Tannishtha Mukhopadhyay says:

Only weak point of this movie was makeup and special effects, nothing else.

Tannishtha Mukhopadhyay says:

Now I know you are a trashy movie reviewer. There was nothing in the movie which made me scratch my head.

Akash Gurnale says:

Pari is the first movie I reviewed, I totally get what you mean. The movie tried to cram too many ideas into one and Prosit Roy wasn't able to execute it in a weaved manner where it felt disoriented and choppy, like he just shot clips individually and clapped them together. Great review. I got to learn something from you.

Anikesh Chakrabarty says:

i reqst u guys…plsss plssss watch that wl tel u then how it is..its so horrofying..this is nt like cartoon horror like recent Raaz,recent1920,1921 n others.this movie is nt based on good songs like Bhatt's horror movie..pls pls go n thn make ur mind abt this movie..dont go with review..

vklane says:

Guys it's her opinion everyone is entitled to one, she also is so nice about it

Sangeet Srichandan says:

Movie critiquing is not about blabbering the entire story to the audience, that you just did in this review. The movie moved at its own pace (~a bit slow) but it definitely had its moments and each back story helped complete the loop at the end. 2 stars is a bit harsh considering some dud movies in the past have been rated 3.5 by FC

samtse24 says:

I say its a great movie. Entertain yourself people.

Sudipto Chakraborty says:

Dear Anupama Chopra I as a normal human being unlike you just watched the film today and let me tell you something " U R ABSOLUTELY WRONG" I really loved how the story was getting unfolded! Right from the amazing acting of anushka sharma and parambrata Chatterjee to the eerie songs and screenplay! everything was top notch! we thoroughly enjoyed the film!!' U and Rajiv Masand are people from different world!!! PS # U LOVED BEFIKRE??? ISINT IT??? LMAO


It is very different and fresh from almost all other horror movies made in Bollywood

Dnesh Stha says:


Ayush Garg says:

Oh I see, now the rules have changed. Lower the Rating Better the Movie

kuntal bhusan says:

The first Anupama Chopra review that I totally disagree with…

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