Anupama Chopra’s Movie Review of Manmarziyaan | Anurag Kashyap | Taapsee | Vicky | Abhishek

Anupama Chopra’s Movie Review of Manmarziyaan | Anurag Kashyap | Taapsee | Vicky | Abhishek

Love, it is often said, is a many splendored thing. In Manmarziyaan, director Anurag Kashyap and writer and creative producer Kanika Dhillon offer us a deep-dive into this splendor.
For years, I’ve exited Anurag’s films raging with frustration and wondering why he inevitably becomes indulgent. Manmarizyaan is no different. He’s so damn talented but he doesn’t know when to stop.
Like love, this film is messy and flawed and glorious. You have to sign up for all of it.

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rakesh singh yadav says:

Hindi movie ka review English ..kamal karti ho

Anup Sharma says:

Awesome movie

Yashveer Bains says:

Hence proved that there is no limit to Kashyap's brilliance

Ash Vohra says:

Hindi movie should have review given in hindi, to connect the audience with the true picture, true emotions and true and connected review. It just feels unnatural watching a hindi movie review given in english.

Tilkesh Vyas says:

Anupama either you are reading from prompter or focusing on camera. This is the first time I observed. But it looks wearied. Your eyes position was not changing and it gives the impression of some technical problem .

Robin Dwivedi says:

What a dilemma!!!! A Hindi movie reviewed in English where are we going??? We will always remain a developing country forever. Whatever I said also applies to me.

Anish Mohan says:

You confused me at the end

Heartfelt says:

Wait guys, we are yet to hear our Rajiv's review on this movie.

Akash Singh says:

Waiting for Sucharita's review of Manmarziyaan..

Aabrar Ahmed says:

that is my opinion also. anurag is an excellent directir but he don't know when to stop (y)

Pratik Patel says:

Hindi movie ka review english mai q?

jon snow says:

Is she lady Shashi Tharoor? 😓

The Deol LegacY —By Simrandeep Singh— says:

Review out one day before..Gr8..How much money you got from the producers BITCH…….?

Rahul Thakar says:

Tapsi : mentally unstable bitch.
Vicky : horney retarded adult.
Abhishek: stupid cuck.
Sahi sikh de rahe ho younger generation ko. Londiyo ke puche life barbad karo. The whole bollywood is so pathetic. So called "youth oriented" films are even more bad then normal masala films.

kamal tusham says:

Anurag kashyap movies shows the fourth dimension of love which is far away of being good at everytime. His cinema is more natural and characters looks real. Anurag has his own world where only the untouched part of any relation unfolds.

Chaitanya says:

Inshort 3.5 stars

LedHead says:

I prefer the indulgent AK. No other way.

vinay sindhe says:

I LL just confirm with Rajeev Masand and Sucharita

Jyoti Rani says:

My favrt is also dhyanchand and man marziyaan 😍

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