Anupama Chopra’s Movie Review of Ittefaq

Anupama Chopra’s Movie Review of Ittefaq

Watch Anupama Chopra’s spoiler-free movie review of Ittefaq, starring Sidharth Malhotra, Sonakshi Sinha & Akshaye Khanna. The movie is directed by Abhay Chopra.

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Thara Srikumar says:

How could this constant reveal of plot be called a movie-review?

Neha Sehgal says:

First two lines give away the movie ..make us wait for spoilers bro

Binal Shah says:

Anupama, I came back to your review after a long time because you gave away all the jokes from "shubh mangal saavdhaan".Really ruined my experience of watching a comedy film.
I am disappointed again that you are giving away the best moments of the film in your review. Can you please make sure that you keep it to yourself ? Thank You

Shreya Wadekar says:

2 Murders, 2 Suspects, 2 Versions.

The trailer more or less tells us what the movie is about and the movie is just there to answer the question we all have been wondering Whodunit? With predictable plot twists conveniently thrown in.

Set in the time frame of just three days and location spanning on not more than two main sets this movie creates a sense of urgency which is further helped through shooting in tightly packed space, zoomed in close-ups and eerie background music, which defines the pace of the movie. The downpour of the late night gives a feeling of gloom and doom that tells us the despondency of the characters. Despite this, there was no sense of anticipation created to fully involve oneself into the story.

Though it is the remake of the 1969 Yash Chopra movie Ittefaq the only thing borrowed was the name and the premise in which it was set. Don’t expect to be met with the same story where two strangers come together to share their disdain towards the world. Nor is this movie as dramatic as the first, but the base of this movie is a thriller, which it achieves due to the direction of Abhay Chopra.He guided the actors and the technical crew to create a vision that he had visualized and considering it was his first film a job well done.

The use of colors is another storytelling mechanism used by Cinematographer Michael Luka, he blends the passion of red and the depth of blue against a backdrop of the Grim Black, and the movie is filtered in these three colors.He also uses the flickering of the Light Bulb and the flash of the photography to demonstrate the inner conflicts of the characters.

Don’t let the trailer fool you, the main protagonist of the movies is Dev played by Akshay Khanna. He is the one with the most screen time, he leads the narrative of the film, and it is through his lens that we unfold the mystery and along the way experience the versions presented. There are layers to his character and with each new character, he interacts we discover something new about him too. And toward the end of it, we are experiencing the same sense of defeat as portrayed by him.

Akshay Khanna’s portrayal of this character made me want to see more of him, but sadly the writers stopped trying here; the characters of Maya (Sonakshi Sinha) and Vikram Sethi (Siddharth Malhotra) offer neither the flare nor the depth that is required. While Vikram Sethi’s Character was saved by the acting skills of Siddharth Malhotra the same can not be said of Maya. Sonakshi Sinha’s acting was bland and not much effort was put in, in both the open haired seductress version of Vikram or the tied hair lonely homemaker version of Maya, Sonakshi’s acting was tedious and unstimulating. Whereas Siddharth's with his expressive watery eyes and beaten battered and bruised looks manages to ignite a sense of sympathy.

Maybe it was the shipping goggles I had on or my faith in the production house of red chilies entertainment and dharma production that made me predict Vikram and Maya would turn out to be co-conspirators of the tale and run away together towards the end, but I was wrong, it was a pleasant surprise as well as a good experience to watch a movie with no romantic angle thrown in.This is probably what made the actual climax shown to be a truly a surprise.

Again it was Akshay Khanna’s Dev and his team that provided the dose of humor that is required in the movie. He was easily given the best lines and scenes that were used to its potential.

Like all Bollywood movie this movie to presents a lot of stereotypes and clichés. A Maharashtrian constable named Tamble to negligée-clad women named Maya.And of course the climatic end of the movie is the classic, chase you through an airport.

This movie does not make into the list of Must Watch Again nor does it fall under the category of done and dusted. This is a kind of movie that is just right. If you are the person who loves to solve an intriguing crime then this movie is for you.

3 Stars / 5 Stars

Madinatou Diallo says:

WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK, ANU! You revealed the killer within 19 seconds of your review. You could have definitely reviewed the film without THIS PARTICULAR spoiler or at the VERY LEAST GAVE VIEWERS A WARNING! Thanks for nothing!

sonal sharma says:

Loved Akshay khanna .. ?
He is cool n hot at the same time ..

Rash U says:

Bullcrap unbelievable ending.. but I love Sid …

Isthiyaque kambathagothi says:

Damn!! Spoiler.. ALERT!!!!!!

Rakheela Majeed says:

They should ban these reviewers no good

Rahul Dutta says:

I guess spoiler was for the old movie and not the new one

Nikhil Kapoor says:

Chopra Madam, can we have some hindi reviews from you? Even Harsha Bhogle had started embracing hindi commentary to add more colour to his work. I guess it's a good idea. Even Oxford educated Arnab Goswami does it!!

Yash Soni says:

spoiler – Siddharth is the killer for those who dont already know it?✌

Abdullah Muhammad says:

Wow 3 stars

Jose Rodriguez says:

Bitch you revealed the killer! Even KRK didn't give away spoilers! You suck!

Arbazz Sheikh says:

Akshay was superb

Deepak MC says:

Spoilers in first twenty seconds! Ridiculous! Unprofessional Anupama!

shahbaz anjum says:

Stupid people.. Was planning to watch it.. U spoiled it..

Premier League Freak says:

First you should not have high hopes for bollywood thrillers or mysteries, and especially coming from a big banner like red chillies, and average actors like Siddharth malhotra and sonakshi sinha can only make the movies more average, but they did one thing right and took akshay khanna. But I've seen better thrillers/mysteries and especially can write better than this.

Nitish Datta says:

Well can't say much about it cause the suspense should be preserved.
But a really good movie.Excellent acting by the entire cast, appreciative story & well-handled by the screenplay & direction, specially for a 1st time director – Abhay Chopra. But yes, the movie could have definitely been more crisp & fast, cause it's slowness was the silent killer of curiosity.That takes away the entire idea of an edge of the seat,taut thriller.. It's not at all one of those but it trods along it's own pace,making you think differently, at different times.
Nonetheless, a very well-made movie,hope for many more such thrillers from Bollywood, specially movies like these where you would definitely not be able to predict stuffs beforehand.Enjoyed it !! 😀
As for this, give it a watch. The twist, well, though slightly far-fetched, will satisfy you. (3.5/5)
#LikedIt #GiveItAWatch #SayNoToSpoilers

Tareeka S says:

Movie keeps u hooked till the end…

Harshit Sharma says:

Ittefaq : I have waited for this movie ,for Akshay khanna sir. I was thrilled and connected to film just because of Akshay sir,sidhath done a fabulous job and sonakshi sinha is also good but not so impactfull. overall the movie is a one time must watch..

Aamir Raja says:

SPOILER ALERT (For those who care):

Is it just me or anybody else is also stuck on the point that when Chirag came to the house and Maya asked him to leave, Vikram was behind the door and possibly couldn't have seen his face (or as it appears he didn't)… then how does Vikram tell Dev his description that he was tall and was wearing specs because Maya didn't introduce Chirag as Shekhar in reality. Vikram had seen Chirag in the photos, right but how did he know that the guy on the door is Chirag or the guy in the photographs.
I bit of a loophole I suppose…

Shailaja Janarthanan says:

Sidharth steals the show .. No one can say he s just good looking n expressionless gg forward. He speaks n his eyes n last 30 mins,damn impressive sid.

Butool Rizvi says:

how DARE you spoil the movie for us within two minutes of the review!!! never coming to your channel again.

Utkarsh Gautam says:

You spoiled it. Now who'll see this?

Pardesi says:

My review of both the classic and the 2017 Ittefaq:


Production values are exceptionally good almost like a Hollywood movie. Loved the treatment and Sidharth Malhotra is a revelation here. Am not sure why Akshay Khanna is walking away with all the accolades here with his one note rendition. My only grouse is their not building the tension breaking up the narrative. But brilliant nevertheless

karma kavi says:

Too much was revealed in this review. Siddharth has a return flight in 3 days!!! Well well we see Akshay Khanna running towards the airport. So was Sifdharth set free first and then they realised he is the real killer?
I would be really disappointed if that's the ending.
Please don't reveal so much info next time. I really like your reviews though. Always watch out for them.

Rasika Mahabal says:

I agree with rest of the comments here, there was no need to tell the story of old Ittefaq and say that new one is not like that movie, from that one could very well predict who isn’t the killer in the new movie.

Rasika Mahabal says:

I loved the movie, Akshay khanna was superb. He always is.

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