Anupama Chopra’s Movie Review of Deadpool 2 (Hindi) | David Leitch | Ryan Reynolds

Anupama Chopra’s Movie Review of Deadpool 2 (Hindi) | David Leitch | Ryan Reynolds

Deadpool 2 is funny, furiously paced and densely packed. So much happens so quickly and each frame is so stuffed that I was just trying to keep up. The man holding it all together – Ryan Reynolds – has a tough task. As Wade Wilson and his superhero avatar Deadpool, the actor has to be both – emotionally sincere and obscenely rude. Reynolds bounces from one to the other seamlessly and Ranveer Singh manages it too.

Be warned that like the first, this film is also ultra-violent with impalings and decapitations.

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Ricardo De kruijf says:

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Game_Show4ever says:

RIP Jagernout….

Rehan Verma says:

for her befikre is much better than Deadpool LOL XD

sujoy m says:

How come the likes exceed the dislikes

sujoy m says:

You are too dated for reviewing deadpool. Masand rules.. you should try your luck at hosting a chat show ..

Rehan Verma says:

I will never watch in hindi after watching crap voice of ranveer singh in the trailer

sujoy m says:

Who watches a Hindi dubbed Hollywood movie and reviews the same.. Good Lord.. ULTRAVIOLENT DECAPITATING!!! I love deadpool.. Fuck Wolverine !!!

Vineet Chugh says:

Would your rating change, if you had watched it in English? I would like to know that 🙂

Akash Prasad says:

As soon as she said, I watched the movie in Hindi, I stopped watching the review….. Authenticity wala punch aaj aap ne nahi bola 😂

Apeksha says:

Funny anupama is soo velle she decided to watch it in hindi lol !directly dikh raha tha it would be sad in hindi lmfao theatre mein jana zaroori tha :p

atanu mukherjee says:

i told u not to review superhero movies…. pls go back to your hindi movies mam….. u r not qualified..

Arnab Ghosh says:

Befikre aunty in full form😂

Aku Pegu says:

Even I had to see your husband's movie Parinda (in Hindi) to understand what sort of disaster Broken Horses was.

joyjit guha says:

Yuck! Why would you review the Hindi version?!

Isys Drain says:

Where's the raazi review?

Sunil m.s says:

Disappointed. How can you expect to get this movie's references in the dubbed version?

som verma says:

Plz stop reviewing movies ….Mam

Mrinmoy Nath says:

Sanket Is Best

work purpose says:

Londan me nahi ho . jab India me review Kar rahi ho..To Hindi me Bolo..

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