Ant-Man and the Wasp – Movie Review

Ant-Man and the Wasp – Movie Review

Ant-Man is back, this time he’s teaming up with The Wasp to take on a villain who can phase through walls. Here’s my review of ANT-MAN AND THE WASP!



Gerardo Gallinar says:

When you have to explain your thumbnail…

Dargonball Radiant says:

Tales from the comments section ant man and the wasp

Daniel Taylor says:

I can never make it through this guys videos. Most obnoxious personality on YouTube.

Tony Shade says:

Plenty of MCU movies had had shots of the post-credits scene in them. Black Panther actually had a shot of the mid-credits tag in it. Guessing it’s the ant playing the drums.

linkinaball says:

So how was the ant-agonist?

Raziel says:

Did someone called my name??

atiba morales says:

You may be thinking of the Amazing Spider-Man 2 where the not quite post credits, but "post ending" fight with The Rhino before the credits was shown in the trailers.

Vino sitas says:

Im gonna put humanity to the test here: hi guys, im from europe and i wont be seeing this film untill the 18th of july because of the soccer world cup which we werent even qualified for. Please no spoilers in this comment section!

kemuael says:

DC is Garbage, so Mr Lawrence left a sinking ship lol

Nerd Toy Reviews says:

i looked and there was no tiny jeremy

chris03_xo says:

Remember when Blob ate the Wasp's stomach out?

Mauricio Gomez says:

Jeremy when are you going to review LOST!!!!!!

James Skinner says:

does michael pena have ore of his expositional banter?

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