Annihilation – Movie Review

Annihilation – Movie Review

The director of Ex Machina brings us a thinking piece that should cause the audience to question the limits of biological reality. Does it succeed? Here’s my review of ANNIHILATION!

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Interstellar gets me thinking every time I watch it

Daniel Heflick says:

Go to cerebral movie? The Fountain.

NPractitioner says:

Great book, looking forward to this one

Sanjay Kumar says:

This guy sucks. Time. Waste coming here

Draconius Selvantius says:

$15 a ticket!? You should try finding a different and cheaper theater.

Jouko Kulhelm says:

I had no clue that southern reach has movie adabtation. I love those books, cant wait to see this film.

Shabaz Kazia says:

I generally agree with Jeremy, even when he dislikes movies I like. He has a way of presenting valid arguments based on expectation and taste, and that I can appreciate. As for this review, I think he's completely wrong and the rating is way too low. At some base level, you have to appreciate the sheer audacity and boldness of this movie. This one of the most uncomfortable movie experiences I've had and its because this movie capture dreads and builds tension very well. Yes, the movie has flaws but you can appreciate something and still be like "but it's not really for me". Jeremy's reviews are the best when he can strike that balance between objectivity and subjectivity. This movie is more of "No Alcohol Required" rating at least.

Rachel Witt says:

Cloud Atlas

NightGuyDrew says:

I'm going to make this point because you listed it as a negative. But in the book the expedition only calls one another by their job title and not their names. It's to separate a human connection to one another. So the idea that these women weren't easy to connect with was actually the way it was intended to be in the source material.

Arie Acosta says:

The Prestige with Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale.

Bay Contreras says:


ytriles says:

Maybe it needs a sequel called Annihilation: Mortal Kombat. Lol.

DoubleOscar says:

Wholeheartedly disagree here, one of the best and most unsettling sci-fi films i've seen in a while. Reminded me of The Thing in bits kinda

elementfayt says:

The Fountain. Jeremy, The Fountain.

zat am says:

Shud say felt for the first time u reviewed in a hurry with less thoughts ans analysis abt the movie.. and rewatched ur arrival review.. concluded ur not gud to review smart scifi movies.. sorry

meghan wilkins says:

would love to see a spoiler review for this film, you make some great points and i'm interested to hear you elaborate on them some. and my favorite cerebral film is definitely arrival

Drawing Conclusions says:

Good review, Jeremy. I personally was not a fan of this film. There was no payoff, lots of unanswered questions, incoherent. It works really hard at looking like a thinking man's sci-fi classic, but it doesn't deliver. My favorite cerebral movies are Moon, Gattaca, and the Blade Runner movies.

Arnan Williams says:

i am rarely so at odds with your review, jeremy. i suggest you go see it again. just leaving the theater, and i am SO into this flick. i feel like analyzing the hell out of it. see it again, and drop a spoiler review.

t d says:

this guy is deadas a moron

Hayden Hubbs says:

The Man Who Wasn’t There definitely a great movie that is very odd and cerebral. The Coens are masters of their craft

Brian Snavely says:

may the loose threads just …strangle you. seriously Strangle You. (Til yer hed pops off)

foo luke says:

The important question: does the movie deviate so much from the book?

jneeds99 says:

Presentation with Ethan hawke.
The film is directed by the Spierig brothers, based on the short story "all you zombies" by Robert Heinlein, and it gets into the themes of predestination, free will and the question of if you know your destiny, can you change your destiny.
It is a slower film but I loved it due to the questions that it brings up.
Make sure to try to see this movie without knowing much about it since the twist at the end when everything about how events are linked together makes it a really good ending.
Plus the time travel elements in addition to the twist at the end when the entire plot is revealed is one of my favorite endings in a movie.

Cafi says:

Hm, movies that somehow stuck with me… well, Arrival feels like a guide book for newbies in the world of ideas; diving deeper into the questions of the unconcious, Animatrix – it's great, go watch it; Matrix for the longer and more "pewpew" version; also, saw somewhere in the comments – Paprika (Jung would be proud); The Lobster when it comes to life of a single person, the language and nature of flirt and stupid games people play in the forest; oh, oh, Into The Woods was a good movie, besed on fables; old movies like Funny Face, as for the dying archetypes of femininity and masculinity; Breakfast at Tiffany's as for the current situation of those (this movie sucks, because who would want to settle for someone like Holly – all she deservers are those super rats); going back to space and bigger questions, 2001: A Space Odyssey ofc; Blade Runner, oryginal (from a chicken to the unicorn), though the new one was a nice reminder of it and horses got some love.

I need to rewatch so many things. By the way – Paramount rules.

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