Annihilation – Movie Review

Annihilation – Movie Review


Chris Stuckmann reviews Annihilation, starring Natalie Portman, Jeniffer Jason Leigh, Gina Rodgriguez, Tessa Thompson, Tuva Novotny, Oscar Isaac. Directed by Alex Garland.



azgirl2015 says:

I would love if you could do another video where you bring your friends in and discuss this film. I liked the film as well and spent a lot of time discussing what was going on and the ending…I would just like to hear what other people think about this film.

Luis C says:

Really enjoyed this movie

Nick Griffin says:

That shirt is dope

Christine Zittell says:

I would loooove a spoiler review. Pls?

Geert van der Plas says:

I would love to support this film by seeing it in the theatre, but alas, we're not getting it… I was really looking forward to this, as it is the type of film I will go to a movie theatre for.

starscapesg1 says:

This movie looks good has great special effects and not much else. It's a movie that thinks it's smarter than actually is. It throws up some interesting ideas without even remotely wanting to answer them asking you decide for yourself. Overall it's kind of boring. It has there's a monster attacking us in the woods cliche along with a team member goes crazy on the rest of the team cliche. The third Act is interesting if you take LSD before watching it. So overall if you want a bunch of questions with no answers that lead to nothing then this is the movie for you. Go watch Ex Machina it's far superior.

Tj Rod says:

That shirt??

Isaac Abramowitz says:

If you're interested in an Alex Garland story with interesting, thought provoking themes, read The Beach!

Melanie Pifka says:

This is sphere rehashed. If you like this movie, you've been brainwashed by feminism.

irishboy664 says:

would love to see you make that video about film discourse!

Ethan Almon says:

Check out the girl with all the gifts

Aidan says:

You had me at Under The Skin. This is now one of my most anticipated movies. Too bad there's no theatre release date in Australia…

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