Mark and Kristian review Annihilation.

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Johnny's Drive In says:

I give the movie 3.5 pops! Remember 2001 A Space Oddity?

Kouska Chikara says:

thing is theres supposed to be more than one movie , or at least its set up for that, cuz theres 3 books that this is based on, so maybe that's why its a bit weird to understand everything? idk

Phantom Prism says:

Don't spoil but is the ending very sjw?

Eazy Breezy says:

It was the most beautiful, dumbest movie I've ever seen. Wtf did the ending even mean ???

hhhhippo says:

This movie had laughably terrible dialogue. Like god-awful terrible. The fact that so many people are loving this movie is absurd.

Victor Spennato says:

This movie was bad

Topher S says:

The major issue most people have with this movie seems to be the way the ending doesn't wrap everything up in a bow. I haven't seen "Annihilation" yet, but I'm guessing it will gain a more positive reputation with time like other unique movies.

Alex G. says:

Towards the end it was feeling like an episode of Legion, but in a weirder sense

TJ Gomez says:

Regardless of what anyone else may say I loved the film, it's good to see something totally new and will see it again and again

Redman Chew says:

Ahh the Star Wars fan boys who are going to give Han Solo a 4.5. Don't listen to these guys the ending was superb. All around amazing film.

TheatreofSymphony says:

Ok. I loved it. But dang did it stray away from the book in terms of its Lovecraftianness (?) The novels are so mysterious and it is the mystery itself that creates an unsettling atmosphere. I just didn’t like how the importance of the word “Annihilation” was mistreated in the film. SPOILERS—the psychologist had the team under hypnosis all the time and it was under the code Annihilation that they could kill themselves if needed to. The lighthouse had much history behind it, with a captain’s “spirit” or whatever it is living within it. The “worm” or “alien” or whatever that thing is (the novel is just unexplainable) doesn’t have shape or form or anything. I liked the mirroring scene with the “alien” and found it the thing of nightmares. They also missed a lot of biblical references that are vital in the novel’s plot. The writing in the wall in the lighthouse was excised as well, and that was creepy as hell. I enjoyed the film, but the ending and many other things were added for a Hollywood-sanitized version of a much more acid-trip film than it already is.

Vincecouk says:

Looking forward to this one, on Netflix in a couple weeks..

Attic Hatch Sound says:

I actually thought the ending revealed too much!

Perry Robitionate says:

Saw it. Found it 'trippy'. Very entertaining…but I did exit the cinema with a thousand-yard-stare.

roninpainbringer says:

so why only woman going in? the aliens don't like men?

Vigilantx says:

I got so bored

Athena Jaxon says:

I hope people support this female-led, original, daring movie. It's personally not my cup of tea but I hope people who like sci-fi will

Kanye West says:

Sin #?: uhhhhh how come the thing didn’t mirror what she did when she let the flash bang go???? DING

White Hawk says:

Just saw this movie. Not fascinating,not deep. Boring and slow with no payoff.

Rex HardRod says:

Ex Machina is one of my favorite movies of all time and this was on my top 10 for this year. I'm glad its another movie to think about, those are some of the best. Great review can't wait to see it.

Daniel Barrero says:

This movie is a masterpiece

William Brouillette says:

It seems like the biggest problem science fiction movies have are the resolution at the end. It almost feels like you have to start those types of scripts with a quality resolution or the movie won't achieve what it wants to.

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