Annihilation Angry Movie Review

Annihilation Angry Movie Review

AngryJoe, OtherJoe & Alex review this fascinating sci-fi film that seemingly came out of nowhere with little advertising, our thoughts!

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PGH Maverick says:

Pleasantly surprised to hear this is a good film. I'm a big sci-fi guy and was probably going to avoid this as I was afraid it was going to be a big pile of meh.

Zeferoth says:

ur such a dumb fk joe… shep was not the bear u idiot… you would fail in life i swear to god.. ur so dumb if i explained it u wouldnt understand anywas so im not gonna bother u dumb fuck

Patar says:

It's unbelievable they keep using all female leads. Overcompensating doesn't fix our society, and is actually sexist, on top of just being unrealistic. We're supposed to want equality right? Then factoring sex in isn't what you want is it? I wonder what their reasoning is

lordwestoff says:

fuckin ace review, Joe.

Josue Valdivia says:

Alex is kinda hard to please most things he grades super low…I wonder what it takes for him to give an 8 or 9 kinda of a cynic. Not that this is a 10 or 9 movie but geez at least he has high standards, maybe a bit too high though.

Rak-Kun says:

AJoe, listen to the fucking people next to you. Stop your big flabby mouth for 5 seconds and be a good listener and maybe you'll learn something.

Denni George says:

Love your content Joe; angry game reviews is top tier stuff. But these movie reviews seem silly , you have guests and don't take an aggregate review score ? Why do you have guests if you don't take their scores into consideration.I would like to hear your guests complete their thoughts before interrupting them. Personally I don't think annihilation was a 9/10. 9 is like getting up there with 2001 space Odyssey etc .. this was not that great, but I enjoyed it. i guess it's an 8 like other Joe said. a big fan giving some feedback.

Frank Allen says:

You guys kinda missed the mark. Watch stuckmans review because you're approaching the end wrong

Brad Jennings says:

I didn’t mind the effects not being completely perfect. As long as the effects serve the story, not the other way around.. I’m all in. Love Sci-fi that doesn’t give you all the answers.

ChristianIBM says:

Joe acts like a Mexican trump. Look at his mannerisms LOL

Matthew Johnson says:

when joe says that they can make a book to finish the story better… not knowing the film is based off of a book….

MrM4CH1N3M4N says:

hey joe did you notice how natalie portman has the same infinity tattoo as that lesbian chick that the bear kills? did anyone else notice?

krypticavalanch says:

fucking cheating whore. great. wont watch it.


so you watched a chick flix.

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