“Annihilation” 2018 Sci-Fil Thriller Movie Review – The Horror Show

“Annihilation” 2018 Sci-Fil Thriller Movie Review – The Horror Show

The guys review the movie “Annihilation” starring Natalie Portman!


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Hosts: Cecil Laird, Jaime En Fuego & Producer Dave
Produced & Edited by Cecil Laird

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John K says:

Uh, why the fuck do you have a spoiler section and only use it to talk about a fucking bear?

Goku MegaMan says:

Also I think the movie is about Self Destruction and Mariage.. Natalie Portman also ruined her relationship with Oscar issac when she was cheating on him and he knew that so that’s why he volunteered to go

Goku MegaMan says:

I think the alien wanted Natalie Portman to survive and probably reproduce.. with Oscar Isaac if reminds me of the Thing where the alien just wants to survive

shiny311 says:

"I like him as a human being." Quote of the year

Shannon RaeVon says:

Pretty stoked to see this one ??????

Kevin Ketchie says:

I too found it similar to Arrival but LOVED this movie so much more. THAT BEAR SCENE was worth the price of admission alone. Period. End of story. That scene was one of the most chilling things I've seen in years. I can't remember the last time something "horrific" actually shook me to my core like that. Fucking loved it. The ending didn't bother me like everyone else but the subplot did. I wanted more weird shit from The Shimmer but overall a solid, solid sci-fi flick. Great review guys

Jose Ortiz says:

this movie was close to a masterpiece

edward D says:

You three need to rewatch it again, the ending set up a sequel like a pro

Anthony Kulik says:

Natalie Portman is hot ?
Gina Rodriguez is cute ?, Chris Stuckmann really enjoyed it as well, Chris agreed with you Cecil about the subplot being bad.

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