Annihilation (2018) REVIEW

Annihilation (2018) REVIEW


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BattleBird9000 says:

Great review, dude.
I loved this movie. I haven’t enjoyed a movie in theaters this much since… I don’t know when.

Swear Nasty says:

Nice review man. I’m looking forward too this one. I’m too a huge fan of Ex Machina. I was wondering if you had an account of your scores on sites like IMDB or Letterboxd

Kimberley Sze says:

I well never look at another bears the same again f@#$%&

Kimberley Sze says:

The bear seen was very twisted scard the living hell out of me

Richard Lucas says:

I know nothing about this movie. Haven't seen any trailer, anything. All I know is that it is by the guy who made Ex Machina (which I love a fucking lot) and I've also seen some people say it's the kind of movie where there is a big possibility you don't understand shit. So yeah, I'm curious — not hyped, but curious. Good to know you liked it.

RCady33 says:

Hey, this is the first first I have ever firsted….it is underwhelming. Anyway, good review, I can't wait to see it!

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