An American Crime New Trailer

An American Crime New Trailer

The Swedish trailer of An American Crime



FanGirl 24 duh says:

I literally cried when I saw this movie… she didn't deserved that.. and she defended Paula when she said she was pregnant

(in my opinion)

Adam II says:

Poor Sylvia, I hope that she's in a
better place now.. This movie enraged me so bad I imagined myself as
that judge and I'd give horrific punishments to that evil family, each
and every one of them starting that little devil jonny should've been
raped, tortured then electricuted then that little girl with the weird
looking eyes should've got the same and the mother burned with coal
lumps then burned alive with the rest of her children… I hope that
they're all burning in deep agony in HELL.

Contakum says:

This is a horror that happens way too much..
"God" is not going to stop it.
It's going on all the time but we don't want to realize it, abuse almost always happens when the perpetrator knows  they can get away with it – they're usually right.


This movie was based on real history. Read on the Internet information about Sylvia Likens, of this girl tortured and killed.
This girl, that didn't feed her ate the excrements and a saw the I will rest! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !


Such it was impossible to occur in USSR and Russia, never. In the USSR other education was perfect, to care of other people, mass consciousness, a dictatorship But, if occurred, all witnesses of such crime would report in police. And none of witnesses wouldn't beat and didn't torture the girl. In tortures terrible, that they can last very long, even is infinite. Torture, it not fight where pain put to you, you can stop, torture, it when one person puts pain to another, and another can't stop it.


Scoffing at Silvia there were many people children who from them surely had to stir up to other people, those in turn would cause police stopped, these tortures.From among torturing over Silvia there were people of youthful age (by sight more than 16 years), they – well realized, what did how they could such do and why they didn't cause police? The same Paula, she sympathized with Silvia why it didn't cause?


How so many many people could have no thought, something, what they do is absolutely unacceptable, what they put physical pain? Justification of their actions can't be so, that they are children: drawing pain to other living being, is well realized fact. They did it simply with one thought in the head: they SIMPLY DIDN'T THINK that they hurt. How boys could beat the girl? Where their education?


The person is absolutely confident in correctness of the actions, when there is no criticism of his actions, for the same reason the person doesn't stop in "penalty", here where trouble. But, it in any way doesn't justify those criminal methods which were applied by Gertrude against Silvia whom she considered guilty, considered her as the whore. Me shocks how so many people could torture the girl???? These numerous children who came to Silvia and beat her, in every possible way scoffed.


I liked the movie. This movie has the same scenario with (some changes) with the movie "Girl Next Door" 2007: parents send two свох daughters to live to the relative at whom there are a lot of children. This relative locks one of sisters in a cellar and starts torturing it, having caused burns, burned out on her stomach an inscription "I am the whore", tying her, allowing children to beat it, as a result this girl dies.

sabih says:

i know i am a man but i wish i could slap the shit out of her.

Sara Sh says:

really this girl story make me know that american society is terrible
no one helped the poor girl no one
even people who should be natural like the two student sally and what ever his name was
shared them torture her
and her parents are they even real ???

Ally Munoz says:

So basically this movie gave me SO MUCH nightmares. im 16 and i was dreaming that it was me and i was trying to escape. SCARY i honeslty was crying because i read the REAL story and that horrible lady hurt her so much like kicking her violently in her crotch. OUCH omg i was in pain hearing that i feel so bad :(. At least she is in heaven but if that was my sister i would kill gertrude

Ozten Paul says:

They are the same.

bulletformygizmo says:

exact same story as jack ketchums the girl next door i havent watched this yet but it looks identical

uncensorer says:

An American Crime had the exact same setting, names, and storyline as the real story.

The Girl Next Door was a movie adaption of a book that was written that was inspired by this story.

Agent1W says:

[Lawful Evil] The Likens sisters are under MY roof, under MY rules. Let me demonstrate the penalty of default in no uncertain ways. I MEAN business.
[Neutral Evil] It was obvious the Likens were trying to screw me over. That's okay, I'll just screw over their children and consider it even.
[Chaotic Evil] Oh, how life was hunky-dory until I didn't get my first payment! I guess the Likens won't mind that I'll be "getting my money's worth" out of this deal.

Holly Marie says:

I don't believe Gertrude was necessarily evil, rather psychotic, and much of a sociopath.

TheOracle1988 says:

The girl next door is better than this one:p it was more gruesome.

Izzy M. says:

Reminds me of The Girl Next Door (2007.)

noopdogdesai says:

I was the saddest watching this 🙁

Whaaaat says:

@PaintingOfTheMind I cried too!!!! 🙁

PaintingOfTheMind says:

@MackyzBack The Girl next door 2007 ( It's on netflix watch instantly )was based on the same thing, and it might be a little better than this one. ( Haven't watched this yet ) They don't show the torture as much ( Thankfully ) most of it is implied. They show the poor girl trying to survive, and if just breaks your heart. I cried, a lot.

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