American Satan (2017) Horror Movie Review

American Satan (2017) Horror Movie Review

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A newfound metal band is trying to make it big, when a intriguing character looms its ugly head and offers a deal that will give them everything they wish for, but at a price of course. . .



Lexy von Fae says:

I drove 2 hours to longview to see it at a movie theaters that played it. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Was not a fan of bvb at that time, but now am, and Palaye Royal ( well maybe not fan, but like them a lot). Funny story is, I did not pre-order this, because I was 99% sure my boyfriend would pick this up for my birthday. Which he did not, he got me clockwork orange instead. I opened the gift and shouted this is balogny! lol Just ordered American Satan and Happy Death day. Seems appropriate right?

That Guy says:

Can someone please explain the ending?

Mrs.Quinn 1995 says:

I really liked the movie I love black veil brides so I was excited to see Andy in it. The music was great but I was also very disappointed that they didn’t allow him to use his own voice for the film. Great review.

Jay Wolf23 says:

For me it was a great movie i'm a fan of BVB and AA but the dubbing over Johnny's voice kinda annoyed me because andy has a great voice in my opinion.

greenrobot5 says:

Is it better than Trick or Treat?

Diggler Dirk says:

Nice to hear that "someone" is nice at her age, shit look at yourself.

Between Heavens Official says:

I really wouldn't say that it was a horror movie. But it was a great movie

Levi Ackerman says:

It dont horror film

Prince Rumi says:

Where'd you watch the movie?

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