American Assassin – Movie Review

American Assassin – Movie Review

The story of a young guy who suffers tragedy, looks to get revenge, then is recruited by the CIA due to his skills…..and disrespect for authority? Here’s my review of AMERICAN ASSASSIN!

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Gamacios says:

Dylan O Brien is a babe so I might consider watching it

Saleem Krichi says:

It's based on a book series that I've read a couple of and enjoyed, they've been working on an adaption for years. Chris Hemsworth was considered for a while. Glad they went a different route. Long story short gonna go see it

Stephanie Hayner says:

The punch you did at the end was magnificent today!

DrRobertBischof says:

I'm gonna take a guess based solely on the trailer but im assuming that Taylor Kitsch was one of the assassins trained by Keaton then left when he found out they were doing some kind of shady shit and now they're trying to get this new kid to kill Taylor before he reveals to the new kid that Keaton and the organization is evil and they team up at the end to take them down. If someone has seen this movie please let me know if that's what happens

Steve Rogers says:

I mean the movie title it self is cheesy af so I kinda expected that

Felix Weinlinger says:

0:41 the punisher was origanly calde assassin

PiecesMissing says:

Hope I'm not the only one that saw the title of this movie and immediately wanted to see "Ninja Assassin vs American Assassin"

Username says:

Please review the TV show "Orville"

SoLa Stranded says:

Dylan Obrien post teen wolf…not looking so great.

Chrys .Loi says:

Still waiting for Dylan O'Brien to be in sth i actually want to see. DCEU should get up on that.

boxofrox619 says:

The book is almost always better anyway. Vince Flynn has made some amazing books that happen in the same universe. If you want more Mitch Rapp get Transfer of Power or if you want an absolute thriller get Flynn first book Term Limits.

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