All The Money In The World – Movie Review

All The Money In The World – Movie Review

The true story of the kidnapping of J. Paul Getty & the kidnapping of his grandson. Here’s my review of ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD!

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showtime 89 says:

i see there different between chris stuckmann and jeremy here.chris give A rating for this movie and jeremy give this movie some kind low rating here. well that's people opinion. Always different..nice review by the way

Richard C says:

Very nicely done review. Gets the points out, and shows what you mean. The color palette illustration is an example. Well done! And helpful.

Jake Riding says:

review the greatest showmen

Yasar says:

Millions for defense, not one cent for tribute.

Cory Mattson says:

Loved this movie. One of my favs this year. I must say I disagree with your prescription to be drinking if you see it. I’d rather someone see it sober and HATE it then get minor enjoyment from the buzz and miss out on the details of the old bastard’s motivations. My friend was buzzed when he saw it and after sobering up we discussed it and it was clear he didn’t pick up on any of the nuance that made this so great for me.

Bryan Ramos says:

your grandpa, the richest man in the world, didn't save you. LOL.

Edmond Zippo says:

I agree with Jeremy's opinion of the movie. It's a good movie with good to great performances but it's quite boring. I feel like it needed a bit more tension during the first hour, and really, the whole film. But it was good

Jeorge Mercado says:

The greatest Showman

Winter Land says:

Overall, it seems like u said this movie is boring.  Christopher Plummer might be great  but I am not going to buy a movie ticket just to see him.

Will Jacobs says:

I'm about to unfollow this douchebag. What a shitty review. This movie was great.

Also, it's ironic, Christopher Plummer was absolutely boring and uninspired in the role. Kevin Spacey would have taken this movie to the next level playing a dick, because he's good at roles like that. Plummer just played it safe. It was hard to believe.

If you're a person who's not a millennial douchebag with ADHD like Jeremy Jahns, you can appreciate this film. Some of us still appreciate good stories and can follow along without explosions every two minutes.

John Curcio says:

Hear hear for Christopher Plummer.

Alex Pollock says:

The only thing that made me interested in the movie was Kevin spacey being cut out. I wonder if they’ll ever release the original film

TheCreepypro says:

yeah people tried to convince me this was going to be good it just sounded boring to me glad to know I was right


Sorry Jeremy, this movie was solid.

Tucker Hoog says:

The erasing of Kevin Spacey from the arts has begun. Who else can we replace from the arts who was immoral?

George Hanley-Steemers says:

A moive on how all the money in the world was made

fearing Ohio69 says:

I want them to release a version with Kevin Spacey, I honestly don’t care what’s happened with him, I want a Kevin Spacey version

joeslickback says:

I guess Markie Mark wasn't relevant to the plot to mention him lol

Official Filmilen says:

Very good review

Joe Schmoe says:

They didn't cast Christopher Plummer because they didn't know Kevin Spacey was going to be exposed as a pedophile sexual assaulter.

Mike s says:

I want to see the Kevin Spacey version

kronoss897 says:

Am I the only one who really minds when a person gets erased from a movie based on accusations (no evidence) about an incident that allegedly happened over 30 years ago?


It's FUNNY, that I find CHRISTOPHER PLUMMER'S reading of the line, ' Nothing ' more POWERFUL because it's a line that show that his decision to NOT pay was already made, and it makes HIS line more….CHILLING and DISTANT. Conversely Kevin Spacey's ' Nothing ' is an…ANGRY reading. A small difference, but…..winner by SPLIT DECISION……CHRISTOPHER PLUMMER!

Tom Morgan says:

I may be wrong, but I think they actually did cast Christopher Plummer originally, or he was in talks to star at least, but they couldn't make his schedule work so he bowed out and Spacey got the role.





Caridad Chang says:

the director didn't want Kevin Spacey but he was essentially forced to cast him because the producers wanted someone who was more "mainstream"; if anything the fact he got to kick Kevin Spacey out of the film anyway probably made him really happy

Garrett Johnsen says:

My girlfriends reaction to this movie explains it all.

She slept.

HiGh LeVeL says:

This guy's way of speaking looks like joe santagato's
Anyone knows him? No one? Ok…

octagonproplex says:

Wait, did this nobody just criticize Sir Ridley Scott's visual sense? HAHAHAHAHAHA
Yeah buddy, you know better than the greatest visual filmmaker of all time. Okay.

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