Africa’s village of cannibals ► No, this is not a horror movie review

Africa’s village of cannibals ► No, this is not a horror movie review



Five charged with various offences in South Africa after the bizarre confession
Original suspect said, ‘I’m tired of eating human flesh’, handing over body parts
In the aftermath of the arrest, a meeting was held in Esigodlweni community hall
Here, 300 people admitted to having eaten human flesh in a village of just 971
Gruesome details have now started to emerge as detectives investigate the case

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Bob Jones says:

Village of Dindu

dpr2011 says:

Retards with do anything.. Must be a Islam group eating Christians.

FirstEastern Perspective says:

RECIPE : 6 bantu ears 4 carrots 1 liberal leg (pot smoked) 2 scops of fat (kim kardashian ass) heavy salts (coke and heroin) 11 witch doctor nails and ONE ONION

jon jon says:

Africa should be cordoned off, nobody with an IQ should be allowed in there and that will eventually see the demise of Africans because nobody will be around in Africa to keep them under control. Africans will just eat each other till they've all gone. Stop looking out for these Neanderthals .

SwampCritter says:

"Holy Sh#t! Did you hear about the restaurant down the street?"

"Huh?, Did you say something?"

Arminius says:

do you want fries with that?

rabcam1 says:

an ear is not going to feed many, i will have a thigh,,,,backward isnt the right word, i dont know what the right word for these creatures is,,

Steve R says:

I do love my "dark meat" but even I have limits!! Not dark meat people!

Jack R. says:


Terry Pollard says:

S.africans kill off they're food supply ,then cry to the world when they starve!

Jim M says:

Human DNA has been found in the food at several fast food chains.

georgio jansen says:

stock from idi amin

Tim Mac says:

(The Cannibal Warlords of Liberia ) vice video on youtube. They killed and ate children before battle to make them bulletproof.

Marvin Gardens says:

Dark meat is more juicy and flavorful than that dried up bland white meat.

ElusiveCube says:

These sub saharan tribal negros have very very hard time to adopt to civilization, negro in america are still tribal, violent and will always be at the bottom of the society where ever they exist, all this has have everything to do with LOW IQ, genetics, genes, and nothing to do with the environment.

Joe C says:

Bullet proof?? Let's test their theory.

Peter Griffin says:

They also got some lovely poop in the soup..
Does anyone really think these cannibals are Washing their hands?

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