Action Point – Movie Review

Action Point – Movie Review

A merging of Jackass pain antics mixed into a movie about a theme park with no rules. Here’s my review of ACTION POINT!



veksone77 says:

Did anyone really see this trailer and think it looked good?

Swiss Army Man says:

Ive been watching them and you mentioned them so can you review or talk about the Jackass movies?

Raphael deLaghetto says:

Knoxville injured himself making such a (allegedly) shitty film. That sucks.

Jacob Salas says:

I wish we got more Jackass movies but with the death of Ryan Dunn I understand why they've decided not to anymore but Idk guess Knoxville is gonna keep making Jackass movies but with premises surrounding them so they're not labeled Jackass

Catman DUU says:

I have never liked Jackass. Just not my cup of tea. Had no intention of seeing this movie but my friend wanted to go so you do things with friends. I didn't think it was that bad. I would say better if you're drunk. I liked the actress who played the daughter. Watching everything through her eyes I thought was fun. At first she is horrified by what is happening but by the end she is in there with them all. I don't think it was Twilight bad.

Justin Shalu says:

I was waiting for a dog shit movie

tropicAces says:

anyone else want a Jeremy hair tutorial? Or just me? You killing it man, hair game is tight

zaandarbrow says:

Who else watches Jeremy's reviews before watching a movie xD

Frank Wave says:

My favorite is Jackass 2.

Entertainment Buddy says:

Oh wow! I thought the trailers looked good.

King Mitternacht says:

You just got finished seeing Upgrade so now it's time for a huge Downgrade!

This movie!

rocky road127 says:

Bad Grandpa

R S says:

Thanks for the review. I was pretty iffy about this movie despite being a mild fan of Jackass. So it's good to hear my gut reaction was correct that it isn't really great. I'll probably rent it, but as for seeing it in the theater.. nah

Jay Hyuga says:

This movie looked so shitty 😂

Anthony Estrada says:

I thought the movie was funny as hell but I also was high off my ass

sciencestudent88 says:

just watched it couple of hours ago…very embarrassing in front of my girlfriend! really shitty film. ended up leaving 20 mins into the movie.

jpfan1989 says:

That's disappointing, actually wanted to see this movie because it is based around actual events. The theme park that it is inspired by is called action parks And yes it was a lawsuit waiting to happen but I think the movie might have over exaggerated it.

GamerGuy's Reviews says:

This movie looks like Meatballs…Part 3…or 4!

AugieB 913 says:

I think tag will be a better comedy

hans strang says:

I see idiocracy coming to life.

QuietOnSet says:

haven't seen the movie but it sounds like its about the LEGENDARY NOTORIOUS Park from my childhood ACTION PARK in New Jersey. it was pretty bad ass, loved that place, too bad they shut it down after a few ppl got killed.

Cross says:

I wish Johnny wouldn't break himself like this anymore…I mean he is getting old and some of these stunts he is barely living through…getting some bad injuries…I would like him to do more serious movie roles like when he was in walking tall or men in Black….

S.E.G. Reviews says:

This movie was as dumb as it's thumbnail (and I meant the film thumbnail)

ETClawFantics8607 says:

Poor Johnny Knoxville. He almost lost his left eye for this movie.

Anthony Giordano says:

Gotta love that its a true story about Action Park and Six Flags

Jim James says:

"JackassISH" 😀

Skarekrow1592 says:

I don't care if people don't like this movie. I'm going to see it ,out of respect, of the point that johnny Knoxville injured himself so bad he knocked his eyeball out of his socket performing in this film.

PrincessNia says:

I don't usually do shit like this, but the whole time I was just sitting here waiting for you to mention that this movie was based off of a real amusement park named Action Park.

It had really lax safety rules, injuries happened all the time, people actually died, there was a bar that served alcohol to minors, corners were cut to save costs, they advertised heavily to people who didn't speak English but had no instructions in their language, and pools full of drunk teenagers were tended to by a single lifeguard.

Defunctland has an excellent video on Action Park and Rhett and Link also talked about it in an episode.

It was rebranded at some point to leave behind all the lawsuits and bad connotations.

(Also there's a loop de loop waterslide)

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