Action Point Movie Review

Action Point Movie Review

Watch: Defunctland:
Angryjoe, OtherJoe & Alex check out the new film from some Jackass alumni Action Point inspired by the real Action Park, how is it? Save your money.

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Alex A says:

That dude on the left always has that look that he could be doing something better

Skizz Menz says:

Yakuza 6 review when ?

#SotoLSW says:

Angryjoe straight up interrupts these guys lol. So damn disrespectful. I want to hear their review too dude.

Terry Jones says:

wow this stupid fuck is still around. Fuck him and fuck you people. Die in a fire.

00x000 says:

Alex is awesome ♥

Og LongBarrel says:

And fuck it the spoilers are right here LMAO

Origin Streetwear says:

This review was 16 minutes way too long

Moon Man says:

I would not have watched this if I didn’t have moviepass

Tyree Webster says:

I’ll see it anyway.

videogameobsession says:

So is Bam Margera in this or is he still in a funk?

Satyasya Satyasya says:

Whats this? … Do i detect a little Alex leg action going on? Well…I don't know why, but I love it! How many videos do I have to watch to see a little more? hahaha 😀 :3 Joke, sorry to be all pervy hehe Oh my aching heart, that is all lol

Dan Larsen says:

Hey Alex. How do you make Mead. I Brew too, but never made mead.

Dizzyreaper says:

all the people bitching about game reviews are disgusting he has had family in hospital you are are all self entitled assholes

random dude says:

you couldnt pay me to watch this shit

E H says:

dude that DeFunctland channel is amazing!

SNB Sixteen6stars says:

The thing is you can do soooo much more with action park alone, the term Grave pool could have bin a Poltergeist type of Flick, a haunted park that was created to fill up its death count

Adam Gomez says:

1.) Let me say I'm a huge fan of this channel.
2.) I already know I'm gonna get a LOT OF HATE for this, but here it goes…

You guys are kinda acting like Your fans did when you started doing different things, besides your angry reviews. You just wanted to try something different and you received so much hate.
Now here are they Jack Ass guys trying something different and your disappointed cause they didn't do what they always did.
I'm sure the movie was terrible, but at least their trying something different.
Ok that's all, keep up the great work! Cant wait for the Detroit review!!!

RagnarokDel says:

there's trick to break cold shock that everyone should learn. It's particularly important if you live in a place where you might fall through ice during winters as this could save your life.

Pickatjau says:

Alex might need some joker gas to smile goddamn

Gwiber WurmChild says:

I'd never even heard of this film til just now…. It seems to be easily forgotten.

John Smith says:

I am staying away from this movie like the plague.

I'm Blackman says:

This shitty fucking movie has been ad raping me and I needed someone to shit on it

herby247 says:

Remember your original thing was get angry at GAMES and talk and debate GAMES and review GAMES, I accept their isn't triple A games out each week, but if you spent less time in the movie theatre maybe you'd have some time to review GAMES! jus saying.

Alex R says:

I went to a water park recently…I HATED IT

Dave B says:

Thought Angry Joe used to do video game reviews? This must be the wrong one, are there two?

Captain Guts says:

Seriously dude, if you're going to constantly demand the spotlight, don't even include Alex and other Joe. You're just making yourself look like an ass. Either learn some patience and let them talk, or fucking do it alone. Jesus. Thought maybe you would've been better with that by now.

overlookers says:

"There's nowhere in the world like ACT-ION PARK!!"

First Name Last Name says:

Eh, I liked it. It reminded me of 70s summer comedies like Meatballs and Caddyshack, just with slapstick.

Seiryu says:

I like the old review style where you rage not this shit

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