Action Movie Review Episode 1: Iron Thunder (1998)

Action Movie Review Episode 1: Iron Thunder (1998)

DVD review of the 1998 action movie Iron Thunder starring Richard Hatch and Susannah Devereux. Written and directed by Jay Woelfel.



James Downs says:

My mother bought it for my brothers and I when we were kids. We tried watching it but we could never pay attention to what was happening long enough to get to the sex scene. It was only years later that I found out that boobs were the only thing worth watching the movie for.

DVDmoose says:

I find this one passable fun. The miniatures are fairly entertaining, but it's goofy as hell. And you're right — it's WAY too long. 85 mins is about the MAX I can tolerate for these micro-budget shows. Any longer and they're wasting the audience's time. Good review!

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