A Wrinkle In Time – Movie Review

A Wrinkle In Time – Movie Review

A book to movie adaptation involving 2 siblings on the search for their father on an adventure across imaginative yet shallow worlds, and a messy plot. Here’s my review for A WRINKLE IN TIME!

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John Mathews says:

Yes! Need another TRON movie!

feriss90 90 says:

Oprah rejected Christianity years ago on her show for new-age, quasi-demonic ideas and rituals. Oprah is pure racial hatred, and it appears the Lord has taken notice of her career. Let’s hope she runs for president so that Trump can thoroughly expose her.

feriss90 90 says:

Yes, Disney has turned into a Satanic mouthpiece of the left. Walt would be rolling over in his grave. Disney is now anti-white, anti-Christian and homosexuality promoting filth.

Teph Williams says:

I enjoyed the movie from the perspective of seeing one of my favorite childhood books come to life, but I agree that there was a lot to be desired. There was a a scene right near the end was cut out which was a good character moment for Meg, and would have drawn out the "thing" that happens to Charles Wallace and wouldn't have made the ending feel as rushed. Interestingly enough, movie Charles Wallace was pretty close to book Charles Wallace, including the "this is it, kids" line when they're about to leave Earth. I did appreciate some of the nods to things that were cut out, though I'm sure at least a couple of the references would have seemed pointless or would have been missed by anyone not familiar with the book.

Philip Ho says:

Yer Tron 3!

Anna Grace says:

I'll probably watch it anyway cause Chris Pine Looks gorgeous, Before the long hair and beard he was a 10 with it he is a 200 so uhhm I'm fine with spilling 7 bucks into this film just for the eye candy.

tropicAces says:

Damn. Didn’t peg Jeremy as a racist, but clearly that’s the only reason he didn’t like this movie and criticized Ava DuV

WhatistheMatrix? says:


nrs10001 says:

The teaser was shit

MarinoZajmi says:

Why it seems that your views are going down?

Kid Kad says:

40+ year Star Wars fan.Will not spend one penny on Star Wars again until Kathleen Kennedy is gone.

Wilt Chamberlain says:

So you're not going to review red sparrow?

Andrew Armstrong says:

Hard to want to watch a movie with a racist and anti-Christain director.

Yaint says:

shut up meg

TheDailyProphet says:

i hated the book to begin with. The movie wasn't any more of a disappointment.

BoomSlang says:

AH! I just had a Facebook timeline flashback that hit my feed saying how excited I was for the announcement Disney had just made about making TRON 3 and their dedication to it. So, so sad. I like Star Wars, but I think I can speak for fans and haters alike, we'd much rather see TRON 3 or something new rather than a Rian Johnson trilogy…

BCUBED says:

I love the book and I mean love and i was very excited about the movie.. but i felt bad.. It was beautifully shot but it failed to capture the wonder of the book. It's hard though, books have the ability to be so descriptive which is why I loved the book so much..

sir chewie lewie says:

you should just move the microphone closer to you so you dont have to shout. it will really help make you sound a lot less autistic

anthonyj1966 says:

I saw this movie over the weekend and I couldn’t agree more with this review. And is it just me or did the character of Calvin seem a little high! Just an observation.

Tanisha Barnes says:

"A Wrinkle in Time" was a waste of mine

Gabriel Telmo says:

Jeremy, I want to know what you think about the new Tomb Raider!
As someone who played the reboot games I swear it didn't dissapoint! Atleast for me that is, but I swear this one has heart and sets a good footing for the sequel!


even the poster is sexist and racist. all the females are huge characters and all the male characters are tiny.

antilore says:

Had really high hopes for this one…

Steve Rogers says:

Watch Jessica Jones season 2

blackdragon6 says:

TBH the thug notes summary of the book pretty much put me off from the story. When i saw the summary i was like WTF lol after that i had NO interest in seeing that movie. Although i feel like had it been made in the 80's it would be a cult classic now like The Never Ending Story, Return to Oz, or Labyrinth.

watertommyz says:

I want Tron 3 as well

Shane Wrightson says:

Hell yeah!!!!!!! 3rd tron movie ??????

haytch says:

and people wanted this director to do a marvel/star wars film ahahaa. qualification>diversity

AA Techn'Games says:

Honestly, the worst part of the movie was the portrayal of Meg. The acting felt so fucking forced I actually hated her.

Omar Alor says:

So is this Interstellar for kids?

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