A Wrinkle In Time | MOVIE REVIEW

A Wrinkle In Time | MOVIE REVIEW

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stephen connell says:

what they used was The tesseract!! Familiar name? Sorry kids used way before Marvel borrowed it. I read it 40 years ago and still remember the story and characters. Sad she apparently butchered it.

crash carter says:

Good review, but my problem with this review is that kids may watch this and since it is a kids film i don't necessarily think the language was appropriate with you slipping in bad reviews in a review for a kids film

Eva Staitz says:

thank you for an honest review, it's terrible. read the book!!!!!!

nymet2454 says:

Your review is much more entertaining than the movie. I will not see this movie.

RurouniStarchild says:

In other words: This film suffered from Shyamalan Syndrome. Your review summed it up pretty well. LOL

Xx_ExoticShadowFighter_xX Fighter gamer says:

First person to watch a wrinkle in time I love the ? ? I watched it on a field trip and was the first

Kevin T says:

If you're a neo-Marxist asshat, take your kids to see this globalist propaganda swill.

R. H. says:

Three witches initiate a girl's adventure through whimsical lands in search for a man who ends up being lost himself. Sounds like a cheap Wizard of Oz remake.

dyladino says:

I agreed with you especially about the child talking like an adult.. the brother felt like they were writing a gay old man not a little boy very stupid

Itsy Bitsy says:

This movie looks like a bad excuse to cram "diversity" down our throats.

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