A Teacher’s Obsession – Official Trailer – MarVista Entertainment

A Teacher’s Obsession – Official Trailer – MarVista Entertainment

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Bridgette Berwitt is in serious trouble. A senior and star athlete at Edgewood Academy, Bridgette is failing out academically and constantly challenging the school’s ethical standards. When Jane Cunningham, a new English teacher, takes an interest in Bridgette and begins to help her, everything seems to be looking up – but Jane’s tactics soon turn devious. Bridgette must protect herself and stop Jane’s twisted plans to exact a decade old revenge before it’s too late.

Cast: Tate Donovan, Rachael Harris, Ana de la Reguera, India Ennenga

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A Teacher’s Obsession – Official Trailer – MarVista Entertainment



MONSTERrios says:

I just cant watch this type of movies, they are very creeppy

Hero Zero says:

Apparently you can write scripts by shittin' in a paper bag and dumped out its contents.

Myat Nandar says:

Can anyone advise how can I watch these movies online free?

Artemisia Atnamas says:

Stupid kid,i wish i had profesor like that 😀

Civ Neri says:

the voice over guy doesn't much up with whatever this movie offer

dtxx 〈3 says:

booty bliss

Its sou says:

they gave the movie away in this trailer wtf

Ziena S says:

She looks like Anna Sophia Robb

AboutMillions says:

Marvista Entertainment should be banned from making movies LOL my goodness

J.K Hamilton says:

What is this called in the helping profession?

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