A Silent Voice – Movie Review

A Silent Voice – Movie Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews A Silent Voice, starring Miyu Irino, Saori Hayami. Directed by Naoko Yamada.



杨家书 says:

BTW, your “dragon ball Z” T-shirt is great!

Brigand Boy says:

Chris, thank you for continuing to review great anime. This movie was one of the best films I think I've ever seen. It wasn't like watching a movie or an anime, it was like watching a sliced up piece of someone's actual life. I empathized with every character in the movie, from the people who were barely there along the bike path all the way up to the main character. No character in this movie was a waste, and that says something since that is also part of the theme of the movie itself.

It felt like I walked away from this with a better understanding of life. That's so wonderfully absurd that it deserves attention. It reminded me of the series "Your Lie In April."

Again, thanks for the review. If you hadn't reviewed this (and Your Name) I wouldn't have likely seen either of them.

Amy Duong says:

Others didn't turn on him because they were "horrified" by how he treated Shouko, they just put the blame on him so they wouldn't get in trouble or they refused to acknowledge they were apart of the problem. Everyone took part in the bullying, he just started it.

SuperDJBolt says:

I just saw this yesterday. Its really good. I agree it was a little long. Could have shaved off 5 to 10 min. But it was still great. It does feel like its pretty hard to watch but its also interesting at the same time.

Bed Intruder says:

Characters were really stupid.

Hamphield D. Phoenix says:

I so f*** hate that they don't show anime films…
damn… the only way is with illegal ways (which I don't want, I want to support this ans show that there's market in this part of the world)…

I hate melodramatic animes (clannad made me hate this genere) but here I so bloody cry… damn…

Fable Joey says:

Seriously one of my favorite movies ever I have a review on my channel aswell I agree with everything u said

Driveby Movies says:

Loved this movie Chris! I cried like a baby?

Kiz zie says:

WAIT? Are you from Cleveland, OH?

That Sujosh Guy says:

My favorite movie of the year

Glitcher2000 says:

Man, this movie made me feel bad about punching that blind kid. All of them.

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