A Quiet Place Movie Review – Destined to Become a Horror Classic?

A Quiet Place Movie Review – Destined to Become a Horror Classic?

John Krasinski’s ‘A Quiet Place’ opens this weekend from Platinum Dunes. He’s one of the cowriters on the film as well and stars Krasinski, Emily Blunt, Noah Jupe, and Millicent Simmonds. The film received incredible buzz coming out of SXSW and it’s looking to pose a formidable challenge to ‘Ready Player One’. The film centers on a family that is forced to live in silence while hiding from creatures that hunt by sound.

Perri Nemiroff and John Rocha are here to give you their NON-Spoiler review of the film and let you know if it lives up to its festival hype. They also let you know if this is an incredible horror movie debut for Krasinski as a director. Let us know what you think about what Perri and Rocha had to say about it in the Comments section below. Remember to Like and Share this video on your social media and Subscribe to our channel.

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jason kells says:

Alien ,
It sits right next to Alien!

I haven't felt like that (watching a Film )
Since Alien!

And I'm an Alien Baby Boomer!

Peanut M&M's <

Literally the worst food to eat during that screening . . .


George Robles says:

Never saw a movie that was perfect,just give it a 10 you douches!

Brendan Haran says:

I think it’s an excellent movie, especially as a family drama more so than a horror/thriller. I cannot deny that the sound design, cinematography, acting and writing were all near perfect, but unfortunately, at least for me there was one big thing that took me out of the Movie; The Monsters. More specifically the incredibly selective hearing of these monsters. Just it is completely implausible that they can triangulate a picture breaking from miles away, but can’t hear heavy labor breathing from right below they’re ears.

Phillip Irwin says:

The movie should have been about fifteen minutes longer.

Darryl Jackson says:

The cold open was a nice touch but the relationship between characters was the best part. The slow build was necessary for plot purposes and story context. Good job.

studivan says:

A Horror Classic! first of all it's not a horror movie a thriller maybe, did you guy's watch movies growing up, because you have seen this before and I guess all you guy's raving about this movie can tell me how the aliens got there in the first place or why they did not live by the water fall if you know it cancels the sound or why you would have a baby knowing it will cry and make what?

Lawrence Itela says:

I've only seen him in three films- 'Suburbicon', 'Wonder' and 'A Quiet Place'- but Noah Jupe has to be protected at all costs, a fantastic actor!

Chrispy Chip says:

Im watching it tonight. Be serious, am I going to shit my pans? (I dont really like horrors tbh)

jetman24 says:

if Conan O'Brien decided to make a horror film I'm all in, comedians are no pushover.

Gerry Lisciandri says:

I agree with Rocha, the movie is good, but would have been better if it was just a little more believable.

Juan Carlos Nunez says:

The girl sitting next to me in the theater actually brought her knees up to her face and was scrunched up towards the end of the movie. I myself kept grabbing the back of my neck.

amstel 54 says:

Me and my brother got to meet a guy about my dad's house at 2:00.

Rob Biller says:

My favorite supernatural / suspense / horror film since Bill Paxton's Frailty and followed closely by Get Out. Frailty was also Bill Paxton's directorial debut as this was for Krasinski (major directorial). Put that together with Jordan Peele's directorial debut with Get Out and I think that's an interesting series of first time directorship for two comedians with Peele and Krasinski, and the late Paxton had a lot of comedic chops especially earlier in his career as comedic relief in movies that weren't necessarily comedy films. Each of these three films had very high levels of writing, production, and inventive styles of actor direction, sound design, and camera angles/placement. I think these lower budget movies that force the director and full production staff be so creative are the keys to their success. Bravo.

I did put my popcorn down too but I thought I was going to be taken by one of the creatures in the audience if I hadn't. 😉

Kimball E says:

Saw it last night. Awesome. I had to roll my shoulders walking out of the theater to relieve the stress—it was so TENSE! Loved it!! Way to Jim Halbert!

Bryan Sowder says:

I'm sold!

dj will says:


The Daughter's.."tempter tantrum" bugged me and truth be told she was responsible for BOTH her brother & fathers deaths. Also leaving (to go wander off) a very pregnant mother without some form of notification…….you cant leave a basic note??

Kate VD says:

It is an instant classic

BIGGAV1 79 says:

Idea for a drinking game when it comes out on blu-ray, take a shot every time someone shushes someone in the movie. Loved this movie but one nitpick, why would it ever be necessary to shush someone in this world? Don't SHUSH me, I know we need to be quiet, damnit!

kishore swaminathan says:

Expected Clark wolf… But still a great review.

Luke M says:

The most suspenseful film I've seen in ears. What a great setup to put people on edge. Make them all concentrate on the sounds of the theater, making them feel extra vulnerable. And IO love the theme of family in this movie. In this time, with everything going on, we need to be reminded how important family can be. Why dad is so important. Why children are so important.

Alvin Elmore says:

One thing I liked about this movie is that nobody did anything stupid. The characters were doing everything right as best as they could and they were still getting fucked up.

Chris Rookie says:

I loved this movie but man I didn't want it to end 😂

Mozu Productions says:

It was a great film… I did put my Raisinets down to make less noise… does that count? 9/10

Brandon Johnson says:

Where are the spoilers lol I wanna talk spoilers

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