A Quiet Place – Movie Review

A Quiet Place – Movie Review

John Krasinski directs a thriller where a family tries to survive a world where the slightest sound will result in death from ravenous alien creatures. Here’s my review of A QUIET PLACE!

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Dude Guy says:

Yeah. 2 Stupid whores talked in the theatre when I went.

Daniela Méndez says:

At the movie theater a couple bought two big bowls of popcorn and didnt eat even a fourth of it.

Annie Mz says:

This movie was brilliant the whole fucking movie theater was quite i’ve never seen anything like that 😂 it really does fully draws you in

Joseph Rosas says:

so are there no lines for the actors?

Omni Codex says:

[leftists reee in the distance]

Zoe Chaos says:

Loved it. You're review however was all over the place.


Was A Great MOVIE!!!

Tenseiz says:

Don't get popcorn if you're going to see this movie lol, i felt bad about having a small popcorn that it took me the whole movie to not even finish it.

Mike Vig says:

I cant not see jim halpert whenever i see jon in anything. Ughhh

keishawnlight says:

He’s talking about when Emily Blunts character is having contractions and about to go into labor. She fucking killed that scene it’s amazing

Camryn Jensen says:

When I saw it, someone's phone went off, twice 😵💀

ChickenOfTheCaveMan says:

That movie should've been 5 seconds shorter, that ending was so out of place. Same thing with Get Out. I really want to know who agreed to that ending and why… It felt wrong.

natalie bryant says:

Hey jeremy review the movie it's stains the sands red. pls would really like to hear your view on this…..

Phillip Irwin says:

Yeah it should have been 15 minutes longer.

Kyle Campbell says:

I'll be dead

Kyle Campbell says:

Michael Bay produced this movie

I thought it was gonna suck

killamist666 says:

This guys review makes up for the 2 hours he was silent, This almost gave me a panic attack !

fairytail naruto says:

Na ah he died lol

isabel says:

The same thing happened when I saw it, people were talking at the start and as nobody spoke after that first major thing happened

Rolls Roy says:

A Quiet Place > Get Out

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