A Quiet Place Angry Movie Review

A Quiet Place Angry Movie Review

AngryJoe is in A Quiet Place while OtherJoe & Alex Review A Quiet Place!

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_pudu says:

i cant find this movie online anywhere on my main streaming sites, any help ppl???

keggerous says:

Why didn't they make their home next to the waterfall?



UltimaYT says:

The reason I see why they had a baby is simply that the creatures will never disappear. They just won't (assuming they can reproduce). So you have two options: give up, or continue the human race. The kids are too young and time's an ever present factor, so why wait to further the human race? If people can't find a way to safely give birth to and raise a child in this world, then their hope as a species is gone. From a more selfish, character driven standpoint, the parents already have this constant feeling of being failures and not being able to protect their children that was formed from their shared blame of their son's death. This constant self doubt likely spurred them on to keep the child instead of aborting it (and they conceived the child because… well… it's been over a year and humans have needs…) to prove to themselves that they can, and that they are good people, and that they are good parents, as shown by the mother's self doubts when the kids go missing. Though it may from a practical standpoint seem like a foolish decision, humans aren't robots. They have emotion, and they occasionally take risks (calculated or otherwise) because of said emotions. Also, you seem to neglect that they have a soundproof bunker specifically for the baby, so it's not like they hadn't st least somewhat taken into account the risks involved.

bust2007 says:

Alex = steroid joe ?

FPrimusUnicron says:

i havent enjoyed a thriller(or a horror movie, even if is not completely one) this much in a long time, i would give it…an 8.5 heck even a 9, that or i just enjoyed it way too much XD

Zondor_ow says:

The baby was a fantastic addition in my opinion as it presumed the family to adapt to the life style they now have to live in and it adds on to the trill factor

chuyelregio5 says:

Why do they stick to the guy on the left? He's super uninteresting and boring.. where is the fat guy (Dale?) I miss him so much

World of Adrenaline says:

This was hilarious!

Dizzyreaper says:

omg people are dumb she had the baby cause she lost one and because the human race needs to progress

G- s-B says:

This was all because of the Q and A they did

• RK • says:

I like the younger daughter. All of the family members were great except the youngest kid. I loved the film. And give it a 9

Rene Stanneveld says:

I think i have seen that weird guy in the middle last year, wearing a spider man outfit that i almost drove over.
He was waving a pizza around and making cow noises, no clue what it was.

Obi-Wan Kenobi says:

My only issues with the movie are related to the monsters. I didn't think the monsters themselves were bad, but we got to see them way too early, and once we'd seen them, the movie focused on closeups of them too often. It honestly robbed the movie of a lot of dread, and I actually came out of the theatre feeling a bit disappointed. I didn't think it would be nearly as scary as people were saying, but it was even less scary than I was expecting. I guess I was expecting a horror movie when, like Alex said, it wasn't one. 7.5/10

Adam Williams says:

Not his first movie as a director: The Hollars and Brief Interviews with Hideous Men. Not very good movies and not huge wide releases……..but he directed those.

Ty Kimbler says:

They had a baby because they probably thought that things were gonna be like that for a long long time so they need to reproduce to save the human race

Wolf Maria says:

It's funny how it seems I'm pretty alone in thinking these creatures emit sound which leads to the feedback loop in her hearing aid. So I'm wondering how they managed to wipe out all those karaoke bars??

The silencer says:

Can joe do this every review

ma403 says:

the guy on the left is a fuking idiot .

demarek says:

The guy on the left is an idiot

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