A Dark Song – Movie Review

A Dark Song – Movie Review

GoodBadFlicks reviews the unusual thriller A Dark Song. Written and directed by Liam Gavin.
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Ryan Jeffers says:

The rite of abramelin, the book of worms! Allister Crowley attempted this rite and could not see it through….

black armor says:

the angel at the end was pretty af…

bobby harvill says:

The most disturbing movie I've ever seen. Couldn't get it off my mind.

Liddell Sophie says:

That's it?

menice says:

The ending was trash fuck it the movie was slow and boring and I really wish I choose a better movie to watch I watch this review an said hey I'll give it a try….. wrong!!… don't waste your time

Kail Habib says:

This was a great movie. Not much rewatch value & is a one time (or once in awhile) watch. Glad I happened upon this.

Fawn Whisperer says:

God I hated this and I have no idea why people love it at all.

CryptoMythos says:

This ritual can't be accomplished with a woman in the vicinity…

Anne Bruecks says:

I paused your review halfway to go watch A Dark Song on Netflix. WOW! One of my new favorite movies! I cried at the end when she was in the pond. Thank you SO much for the tip! I never would have watched it without your review. Powerful movie.

Timothy Chizmar says:

I just watched it on Netflix – I have a question for someone that’s seen it. Joseph says he’s done the ritual 3 times, twice it failed once it worked… if it failed WOULDNT HE STILL BE AT THE HOME !? It has to work or you can never leave… right!?

Bookitty07 says:

I turned this on when I was bored watching netflix one night. I am really glad t o see other people talking about it because I really enjoyed it.

Nigel Gotty says:

Classic film

Edward Fisher says:

My favourite of 2017

TheRealGunfish says:


Lan Lan Reactions says:

Most amazing movie I've seen in the past 3 years — the ? was the most creepiest weirdest, beautiful thing I've ever saw 9-1/2—- :10 if it wasn't for you I would have never watched this masterpiece thank you

Erich Rose says:

I watched this movie a few weeks ago. I have to agree, I was pleasantly surprised. The dialog was extremely entertaining.

Iggsy81 says:

sounds right up my alley, cheers m8

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