A Boy And His Dog – Movie Review: Post-Apocalyptic Movie

A Boy And His Dog – Movie Review: Post-Apocalyptic Movie

A Boy And His Dog – Movie Review: Post-Apocalyptic Movie
Welcome to the wasteland my friends. In today’s movie review we take a look at the 1975 post-apocalyptic classic A Boy And His Dog. A young boy named Vic shares a telepathic link with his dog, Blood. The two scavenge a world devestated by nuclear war, in search of food, weapons, and women. Let’s enjoy life after the apocalypse in this 1975 science fiction classic. Justin gives his movie review.

Starring: Don Johnson, Jason Robards, Susanne Benton… and Tiger

Directed By: L.Q. Jones

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Werner Werman says:

Enjoy is a good film. Thanks for making it. Also, I don't know anything funny to say.

Wim Van der Straeten says:

I haven't seen "A Boy and His Dog" yet. My favorite "dog movie" is the Samuel Fuller movie "White Dog" with Kristy McNichol. It's a shocking story about a dog that's trained to attack black people. It was pretty controversial at the time of its release (maybe you can review it).

Ancestral Mage says:

I need to see this.

Phill O.Stein says:

Another one I've heard of but not seen, will be looking out for it, great video as always!

SegaCDUniverse says:

How old is Blood supposed to be? I know Don Johnson only knows the war times, but how is Blood older than him or remembers more? lol

SegaCDUniverse says:

Fallout took a lot from this movie

SegaCDUniverse says:

Always enjoyed this one, cool flick


Exploitation 🌏

Alexander Angelopoulos says:

@ghostbait1 in your intro whats the name of the movie with the girl with the two guns in her hands I have being looking and cant find it and the also the part with the lady sinning?

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