99 Homes – Movie Review

99 Homes – Movie Review


99 Homes – 4/5.

One of my favorite actors Michael Shannon leaves ti all on the screen in this film as a real estate agent.



Brash Belle says:

Nice, I actually watched 99 Homes followed by The Big Short the next day by pure coincidence! It was a depressing two nights, equal artistic greatness and lots of outrage. 99 Homes is the better film slightly and it's like 99 Homes is the Schindler's List of the housing market films because it's so up close and personal, where as The Big Short is like Saving Private Ryan in the broader scope of things. I LOVE Michael Shannon, always have, him, Tom Hardy, and Oscar Isaac (Llewyn Davis alone) are the three actors working today that actually restores faith in film acting. Keep up the good work as always!

Plaaty says:

hahah "alright, get my dil…." Good review man 😛

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