68 Kill (2017) Black Comedy Movie Review

68 Kill (2017) Black Comedy Movie Review

68 Kill (2017) Movie Review

When a young man gets a new girlfriend, he believes happiness is his. Being a bit crazy in a fun way is never a bad thing, but when the boyfriend realises that his girlfriend is in fact bad crazy, after a robbery goes bad, he decides to try and break things off with her. Unfortunately, the unhinged girlfriend isnt going to take the breakup so well and threatens his life if he even attempts to leave. This in turn sets off a chain of events that lead his life towards a downward spiral!



Efe Aydal says:

The trailer actually looks really interesting. Thanks for the recommendation.

Tom Himself says:

perfect timin,
its the kinda flick i needed rite now
to seize the day before i pass out
keep up the good work mate, peace

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