6 True Bizarre Cases Of Sleepwalking Turned Deadly

6 True Bizarre Cases Of Sleepwalking Turned Deadly

6 True Bizarre Cases Of Sleepwalking Turned Deadly
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CreepyNews says:

From now on i'll be sure people lock me inside my bedroom at night just in case I murder them when i'm sleepwalking. Cheers!

krot shomglin says:

thumbs up to you sir! I go to Vidcon in Anaheim from time to time every year! It is a conventionion for people who have channels on Youtube here! I wish you would come because I would love to meet you! You are my hero sir!

Howard Whatley says:

i was a sleep walker often when i was young my mom set chairs by my bed so she would wake when i roamed' i was about 30 when it ended.got awakened a few times and i was always surprised as to how i got where i was,but i never done anything bad.i don't see how anyone could struggle with someone and not wake up,let alone drive across town and back.

Jesse Horn says:

That's crazy!

Emily Garcia says:

"Aggressive ostriches" ???

Freddie Chavez says:

Great show like always always ready to watch your show be safe brother have a good week much luv from Albuquerque New Mexico ??

irene gronewald says:

very scary and creepy…how you doin` ranil? good to hear from you

Neda Stanojević says:

Maybe that's not funny! Don't make a smile please, because maybe the sleepwalking really can make the human to die and to kill someone. Maybe this man is talking the true. I will try tonight to make sleepwalking, but I'm not sure the human of sleepwalking can die. I think that's impossible. Maybe that's not real true or maybe it is, who know. But I don't think it's true . Maybe is that just 1 little joke to scare people who are watching the video anything else. All right. Thanks for video. Bye.

kingston gaming says:

you should make a video about the monster of belgium marc dutroux

Alli Melo says:

HahahHahaha sometimes I do

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