47 Meters Down – Movie Review

47 Meters Down – Movie Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews 47 Meters Down, starring Mandy Moore, Claire Holt, Matthew Modine. Directed by Johannes Roberts.



James Adam says:

Where's the All eyez on me review you cocksucker, jk but seriously

DareDevil 19 says:

Does that mean you're gonna review memento with the Nolan series

Tce Haus says:

I bet he says to his wife "you got stuckmanized" after he prematurely ejaculates.

DJ Akademiks Brother Terry Akademiks says:

Awkward I have this movie on blue ray and it's called in the deep.

swarm87 says:

deep blue sea wasn't bad

Nightmare Trooper says:

I knew it was a let down thanks to that stupid PG-13 idea. Come on guys that's just super boring super lazy and a big bomb to the Box office plus economic's

Brittney Samso says:

You should have a foreign movie review series on your channel. They're a lot of good foreign flims out there. You should watch "City Of God" Brazilian film.

Final Cut Gaming says:

I've never laughed as much as I did to that intro.

FestArc says:

The Top Three Shark Movies: Jaws, Deep Blue Sea, The Shallows.

Dylan Goddard says:

Are you gonna review all eyez on me?

DesecratedReaper says:

good premise, wasted potential.

: 3 says:

lol… that opening

Inigo Montoya says:

That intro, man !
That shit belonged in the JAWS hilariocity review !

jumbeaux1 says:

hey shaky cam in the toilet.

Jacob Heine says:

Thank you for watching these terrible movies so we don't have too!

DraYzey says:

This movie was on GoMovies months ago under a different name

Jordan Sutton says:

The reasoning for Mandy Moores character to go cage diving is incredibly silly, but it honestly sounds like something your average basic bitch would do irl…Gotta get those jealousy pics posted on the gram.

J.L Hunter says:

The characters could have been given a better reason, such as a fear of sharks or of the ocean caused by some childhood trauma. This could have been a catalyst for them conquering their fears.

galmorzu says:

"Characters so SHALLOW they need to go 47 METERS down just to be interesting!"

Steve Joseph says:

omg a d+ this movie really sucks

TheMossBomb says:

Best intro ever… of all time…

ctl eurocollege says:

0:19 Chris just cant help being a kid again XD

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