4 Highly Tragic And Morbid Cases

4 Highly Tragic And Morbid Cases

4 Highly Tragic And Morbid Cases- Nightmares Before Bedtime cool video/cool channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_tWwOkd1u0

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CreepyNews says:

Figured i'd bring you another list video, have sweet dreams

Laura Metheny says:

Jeepers! Smh. Thanks Ranil.??

Cool girl 123 says:

This is disturbing.

anmullenax05 says:

Poor Nadine 🙁 I have a 5-year-old… how can her own MOTHER do that to her!?! Poor baby girl! 🙁

Aldo the Apache says:

I wanna hit the Lockwood woman in her double chins with my peenus.

Sarah Burton says:

I've only just come across your channel and subscribed after watching just two of your vids. You narrate well, get people emotionally involved. I'm watching everything you do from now on. I'm in the uk. I'll be passing you around!

CrazyMonkey1208 says:

That Lockwood case….why does the man get 25-life but the woman get 15-life?

spook show says:

Do a video on the murder mountain story in wv. They murdered and ate her. Made bitch burgers is what they said. It's a crazy story.

Joyce the Hippie says:

That's very noble of you to endorse another website like yours. I really enjoy CreepyNews and I like the way you voice your own opinions about the people you talk about. I'll be sure to check out Nightmares Before Bedtime. Thanks.

Tamra Townsend says:

i think punisment should fit the crime, And that fat fuck mother should be tortured, and.starved. but don't let her die. Every day she should be tortured

AmericanWoman1964 says:

It's true that many of us don't tell. Sometimes we get close enough to a person and think it's safe to tell only to be rebuffed and/or disbelieved. Which sets us up for a lifetime of hiding it. Although I think it's much easier to speak openly about it today than it was when I was young. Social media, the internet, etc., along with its anonymity has really blown the lid off just how pervasive sexual predators and deviance are and have been all along. It's not a new phenomenon, it's just better documented now than it was in my time (1960s-70s).

irene gronewald says:

the devil is everywhere

Eli House says:

You should do a video on the disappearance of Claudia Lawrence. It's an extremely creepy, bizarre disappearance from the UK.

Woman nthemoon says:

dear ranil,
thank you for covering these storys of tragedy.
especially the last one I read a lot of YOUTuber comments and you would be surprised of how many people don't even think this happens to boys. (men also) it's not really talked about. Good on you. I love your videos.
keep on keeping up the good work.

Alan Mcinnes says:

Lockwood is completely inhuman. a vile case.

Ali Mannion says:

Another great video Ranil.
Thanks xxxx

Robert Nichols says:

Thanks for mentioning Nightmares Before Bedtime. It is, indeed, a great channel. I've subscribed.

Tee says:

God bless all this children dear God!?
Excellent video keep thwm coming..?

Nightmares Before Bedtime says:

Hi! Thank you so much for the unexpected shout out! It was really kind of you to do so and it really means a lot to me 🙂 I am from the UK and more specifically northern England. Have sweet dreams!

Krystal Linder says:

Oh wow, in the picture of the little girl who was murdered you can see a skull and crossbones in the blanket behind her. That's so creepy!! … Great Video! I always enjoy all the research and work you put into your videos.

Penelope Pitstop says:

Poor Jesse he must have been terrified,sick scum Bastards.RIP sweetheart.

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