3 Iron Movie Review – Hidden Gem Romance (Bin jip 2004) BobSamurai Reviews

3 Iron Movie Review – Hidden Gem Romance (Bin jip 2004) BobSamurai Reviews

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Diogo Henrique says:

Muito boa sua observação sobre o filme.

Pilar says:

One of my favorite movies (Along with in the mood for love) The issue of dissapearing in life, but being even more alive, is what hits me.

Amy Emily says:

IZVRSTAN FILM..Gledala sam ga bez daha!!!

Amy Emily says:

IZVRSTAN FILM..Gledala sam ga bez daha!!!

NellyS Adventure says:

Dude. I just saw this film today. IT'S FANTASTIC! Ultimate use of Misc En Scene!

Thomas Pollock says:

Great review and happy to see this reviewed! Just watched this yesterday, and was floored by how much I enjoyed it. The film has a very simple plot, but it is a real riddle. We constantly evaluate the characters actions to understand their psyche, and in some great shots we get a sense of their emotions and mind- just through body language and facial expressions. It is close to being a silent film like you say, the actions speak for themselves. I loved it for this.

Foreign Film Fanatic says:

This is probably the only review of this movie on YouTube

prince13x says:

Ive waited sooo long for you to review this. It truly is a masterpiece from Kim Ki Duk.

Saraan Zahid says:

You should check out City Hunter.Its an awesome K drama

Saraan Zahid says:

BobSamurai can you review 20th Century Boys?

Bossu Manu says:

Hey bob ! Please help me solve a big problem I have been facing. I watched your video about telling new people about anime but my buddies/family still teases me for having watched soo much anime. It makes me sad because people are missing so much on the fun and life lessons one can learn from anime. I watch all kinds of anime like kaiji /monster/slam dunk so I know about quality anime but I questioned myself something very important that maybe you can delve into. Is it worth spending time reading anime/manga ? Is there benefits to reading manga ? People ask me whats the point of watching anime , your soo weird and your wasting your time. I am a pretty normal guy who plays on a varsity basketball team and has good grades yet i get this messed up treatment ? How about you ? Have you faced similiar problems too ? Please follow up on this in a video. I'd Appreciate it man

Rstonius says:

Hey there, I would like to recommend a anime called Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso, i havent read the manga, and neither do i know if there is a manga, but all i have to say is that this anime is actually one of the most beautiful animes i've seen, it is a anime about music, but it's quite different from the rest, and might be an anime that you would enjoy, after reading the "10 thing i hate about anime", and if you've already seen it, make a review. Just a recommendation, thanks, bye!

Steven Harris says:

It sounds like a good movie.

Alijamaru says:

Finna watch this tonight, looks pretty good.

Dr. Yang says:

How shame…
I have lived in Korea for almost 30years.
And I have never thought that Korean movie is worth watching.
Since Bob told me so, I have just finished the movie.
Bob, you are just amazing!
Your recommandations never disappoint me.

gilgamesh310 says:

What's with all the romance shit lately, Bob? Can't you talk about something manly already?

Beyogirl says:

had me all doki doki

busta beeton says:

just went and watched this it was really good i don't even know how to explain it and the one thing that was said was just amazing 

trentazamo says:

have you read solanin?

ARandomGuy says:

For a second I thought the title said "Iron Man 3- Hidden Gem."

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