2 Horrifying South Korean Cases That Were Made Into A Movie

2 Horrifying South Korean Cases That Were Made Into A Movie

2 Horrifying South Korean Cases That Were Made Into A Movie
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CreepyNews says:

Movie titles based on these cases:
Han Gong-ju
It seems both these movies can be watched online on a website called ''Kissasian'' if you want too see their stories.
Google it 😉

minh do says:

The offenders family… r so fuked up… hope they burn in hell… n the cops too

Pythonhubcanada92@gmail.com says:

I'm buying these movies and making some friends watch these because I had people like this

badboybaldy1 says:

can you tell me the names of the movies pls thanks

Jessica S says:

Love your channel!

Megitsune says:

I remember watching hope a couple years back. It's still one of the saddest movies I've seen.

RammsteinRae says:

Just watched Hope, that man should've been hanged, the excuse that he was too drunk to remember what he did to this girl is bullshit! The docs had to remove her intestines & anus, this girl was robbed of her innocence.

Watching Han Gong-Ju also, been searching for this movie for awhile. Thanks for the great videos.

sweetpeachsodapop says:

Women aren't always treated as equals in some cultures, not even ones as modern as Korea or Dubai. This is tragic and disgusting.

Moonessence1 says:

It seems like Asian laws- at least South Korea and Japan- their laws are bullshit and too relaxed. If someone raped someone in my family…you'd never see the body again. ??

SPNgirl44 says:

I cannot believe those rapist bastards had the audacity to say, "…why don't you think about our suffering?!" That is some serious backwards thinking. If their attraction to young girls is causing them "suffering", they should consider becoming eunuchs to end their "suffering".

Cortney Mikel says:

What is the best app to use to make a video similar to this as a beginner? 🙂

post boredom says:

While searching for these on rocu, I had to add Asian Crush (free).. The other is on Netflix. It's weird watching them eat, knowing it may be doggy dumplings.. They should skip the middle man and just eat dog food imo. I imagine it tastes the same.

Adriel H says:

That's just awful, the authorities even lacked empathy for the horror those girls endured. And the families too, that's just so sad. And must have been terribly painful to live though.

DoMiNiQuE says:

These stories are really horrible just watched Hope and it really is an amazing movie like everyone said even knowing he gets 12 years I'm hopping there's this epic reason why him being an alcoholic wasn't a good enough reason and I'm confused why it wasn't also it attempted murder also the fact that she's disabled for life I just don't get it
anyways the justice system fails us no matter what country your from.

Jessica Russell says:

hope is so worth watching it's a brilliant film!!! so sad but amazing acting by all including the child!!

Art Artomatique says:

Can you do a video about national park disappearances.. 411

saskgirlly says:

Excellent commentary.

cat the strange says:

You should watch don't cry mommy too another south korean movie which also deals with rape but it is considered more of a horror movie because of how the mother handles it

Brooke Cantu says:

Hope was on Netflix and it's soooo worth watching and it shows the struggle of the daughter and the family and the court case highly recommended it

Socially Awkward says:

Could you do a video on Aeryn Gillern? He was a research assistant for UNIDO in Vienna, who in late October of 2007 disappeared from a sauna in the city center allegedly only wearing a towel. Police initially refused to look into his disappearance and later claimed he had comitted suicide by jumping into the Danube, despite there being no witnesses or evidence for that.

Penelope Pitstop says:

It never ceases to amaze me where young men&men of any age think its ok to molest&bruitalise little girls&boys, The punishment they recieve is laughable&9times out of10 they reoffend as they get off with it lightly.We live in a very sick culture where a grown adult can get pleasure out of abusing &terrorising a minor.We most definitely need harsher punishments let them know its not ok to do this its SICK&IT RUINS LIFES.

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