2 Dutch Girls That Disappeared Met With A Tragic End

2 Dutch Girls That Disappeared Met With A Tragic End

2 Dutch Girls That Disappeared Met With A Tragic End
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mohamed abdellatif says:

Im Dutch too


what about the dark car they did forget about that i find this very strange

besttwins says:

i life in netherlands And of course, the Netherlands is also very small, so we do not really encounter murder, and if such nasty things occur, everybody in our country is very deeply taged that they have taken their lives away

Laura van Ossenbruggen says:

i'm from the Netherlands. its so terrible whats happening… romy and savannah are beautiful persons. i gonna miss them.. rip ♥

Marit Koomen says:

I am dutch and this news wahs every where on the tv o and sorry if I speld someting wrong becaus im dutch and 11 years old

MontClipGames says:

are u from the netherlands?

pavilio games says:

love to Netherlands

Ameliaben0666 Msp says:

If you got @Music.ly Go follow Romy on it ❤️Romy305❤️R.i.p

boeitniet. x says:

Deze wereld is gwn te triest..
Savannah en romy hebbe dit niet verdiend..
die gasten die dit hebben gedaan hebben het recht van hun leven ontnomen
waarom hebben die gasten nog rechten ? gwn levenslang opsluiten
Rip Savannah en Romy <3

Tess Kuijl, van says:

I live in the Netherlands and I live around there… ?

Marilene Essing says:

This is really sad.. I life in Holland and is so so sad.. All in the News you hear this bad news and is horrible..? (Sorry for my bad English..)

Team Girlpower!!!! says:

Rust zacht meiden! ?

roan lindeman says:

So sad, I am from the same age as the supposed boys, I like the girls, they look beautiful and very sweet.

Nadeche Van Westrop says:

It is confirmed that a 14 (!!!!!) year old boy from Savannah her school raped and killed her. Absolute horror… About the other girls death there are no things confirmed.

Jodie Vriens says:

Its on my country i'm so ???

Condot Maroddi says:

Two minors became killers. Interesting. I'd like to know the details.

Destinaro. [: says:

This is heartbreaking. My heart goes out to their families.

X1 Gen KaneshiroX says:

When I searched it up it said that there's 2 Dutch Women located in Panama. Also creepynews can you do a video on that please? Maybe you haven't cover up the Dutch women's in Panama
Plz reply

Saffron Freya says:

I love your voice and delivery. You have so much character in the way you put a story across. I hope these girls find peace ?

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